Crappy Weather Food – Beef, Beans And Other Stuff

check/adjust seasoning


  1. Another excellent recipe, thank you, Hans, and one which surely I will try, later in the year, with a few minor modifications, perhaps. Later in the year because the weather here in London is not yet sufficiently “crappy” to warrant it. We do not all like sub-tropical temperatures and humidity! It is also nice not to see the pretty ubiquitous “shrimp”. Perhaps, later on, you will give us your take on steak and kidney pudding (suet pastry only, please) and spotted dick (no spelling mistake!) and custard? Snow, fog, ice and sleet coming sideways truly merit such dishes – and, if shellfish are required, drop a few oysters into the steak and kidney, to thicken the gravy – mmmmmm…………


  2. Hi Peter, good to hear from you and that the weather in London beats the weather in Miami (for once? 🙂 )
    As for the seafood, I love all of it – except oysters, which are on my “never again” list.
    I have tried spotted dick once while in England and I liked it, but not to the point where I would go: “Ahhh I feel like prepping SD today”.
    Steak and kidney pie, on the other hand, is a dish I truly enjoy, so it might show up on ChefsOpinion in the near future.
    Bon Appetit, Peter ! Life is Good 🙂


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