Polpi In Umido – Italian Style Octopus Stewed In Wine And Tomatoes

“ “ Octopus  is one of my favorite seafood. Unfortunately, fresh octopus is not usually available around here. I sometimes order it online, but for the spur of the moment, I usually fall back to canned octopus. I have tried many different brands over the years and my favorite is the Vigo brand in garlic/olive […]

Baby Octopus In Spicy Salice Salentino/Bell Pepper Sauce With Ziti Lunga

> > Sunday’s  lunch featured two of my favorite ingredients, baby octopus and lunga ziti. While the baby octopus have become a beloved food during my younger year’s as a marine merchant in the Mediterranean, lunga ziti, or, as they were simply known in our home when I grew up, macaroni, have been a familiar food […]

Pulpo A La Plancha (Griddled Octopus)

> If  I would be confined to a small island for the rest of my life and given a choice of just 10 food items I could have available for the rest of my life, octopus would definitely be one of them. Today I was in the mood to have something simple, with no fuzz, […]

Portuguese Eggs

> > While Maria and I were living in Funchal, Madeira, we became friends with a wonderful local couple, Balduino and Felicidade. They invited us to their home often, where we usually had an early brunch and then set out to explore the island, usually by car and sometimes by scooter. After a while this became a […]

Food Glossary & Classic French Garnishes

> > > > 1) English/French Food Glossary 2) Classic French Garnishes / Descriptions —————————————————————— 1 English/French Food Glossary > ? A À emporter (adj) to go (as opposed to sur place, for here). À l’ancienne old-fashioned, as in une baguette à l’ancienne. À point (adj) medium rare. Abats (m. pl.) offal. Abricot (m) apricot. Addition (f) check/bill. Agneau (m) lamb. Agrume (m) citrus. Aiguillette (f) in a bird (mostly […]

Fiery Midnight Snack – Chilli-Noodles With Seafood And Egg

> > Here  is the thing – if yo are able to use anything fresh in preparing food – not frozen, not canned, not otherwise preserved – that’s usually the best way to go (although not always). But, as I have mentioned before, we are not always so lucky as to have access to fresh, unprocessed […]


“ “ Tv  snacks at 4.00 pm. Seafood & artichoke – canapés, iced tea and “The Great Gatsby” on the screen. Toasted bread, garlic & herb butter, “Iberia” octopus, “Iberia” marinated mussels, “Vigo” artichokes, “Vigo anchovies with capers and “Beach Cliff” spicy sardines. – Sometimes, a simple sandwich just won’t do 🙂 “ Bon Appetit […]

Chirashizushi (Scattered Sushi) (ちらし寿司

> > I am  trying today to continue with my quest for a healthier living.  After a substantial, healthy breakfast,  I decided that sushi will be light and healthy enough. Usually I would have been right, but there was a problem – I, as usual, was so looking forward to it that I prepared way […]

Spiders From Mars

. . Just  a light dinner tonight with one of my favorite ingredients – Octopus. In the seventies I spent a lot of time in the  Mediterranean  and some of my  fondest memories take me back to  Turkey,  Spain  and  Greece and their great seafood.. Almost all memories I possess of that time are connected to […]

Late Night Snack: Romaine, Tomatoes, Eggs & Seafood

. . What  a great, tasty snack last night at 1.00 am. Just about three minutes of preparation, but a great, very enjoyable meal  🙂 If you use canned food, just make sure it is of very good quality, a few extra $ will make a big difference in taste, texture and appearance. I used a simple Dijon […]