Spinach Linguine With Mushrooms In White Wine And Cream

> > My  favorite Asian market carries about 30 different types of fresh mushrooms at all times, not to mention a myriad of dried ones. Today I bought a nice selection of different fresh ones, the whole lot was less than $ 10.00. What a great bargain . The fresh spinach linguine ran about another […]

Fusilli Col Buco With Mushrooms In Merlot Cream

“ “ Living  in Florida does not necessarily lend itself to be inspired to cooking with mushrooms, but thankfully the markets around here carry small offerings of fresh mushrooms which I like to enrich by adding some good quality dried mushrooms. Today I got some fresh baby bellas, oyster mushrooms and botton mushrooms, to which I […]

Fusili Col Bucco With Mushrooms In Red Wine / Dijon Reduction

“ “ Botton mushrooms don’t have much taste by themself, but if you simmer them in red wine, they soak up all the richness from the wine and take on a whole new personality 🙂 Bon Appetit !   Life is Good ! “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “   ‘ “ “ “ […]

Cream Of Asparagus, Potatoes & Mushrooms

> > After  a weekend of over eating and indolence I felt I had to scale down a bit on dinner tonight. A bowl of soup seemed just right, so here is what I concocted: Bon Appetit !   Life is Good ! > > > > > Dear Friend’s, to help support this blog, please […]

Pork And Spinach Dumplings With Bok Choy And Straw Mushrooms In Chili Broth

> > I used  to go through the trouble of making my own dumpling wrappers and steamed bun dough for my Asian dishes. A few weeks ago I had dinner at my neighborhood Chinese restaurant and I asked the owner if he would be willing to sell me some of the fresh wrappers for Jiaozi (steamed […]

Gratinated Rib Eye With Straw Mushrooms & Great Northern Beans

< > After  two days of turkey, tonight’s dinner required something more beefy. Only a large rib eye with lot’s of other goodies would do, so this is how I rolled: > > Bon Appetit !   Life is Good ! >   > > Dear Friend’s, to help support this blog, please be so […]

Angel Hair With Morells, Shiitake, Cepes, Baby Bellas & Oyster Mushrooms In Cream Sauce

> > Usually,  I don’t fancy much angel hair pasta, but for these mushrooms in a light, creamy white wine cream they were the perfect pasta to be paired with 🙂 Bon Appetit !   Life is Good ! > > > > < < < < < < Dear Friend’s, to help support this […]

Sauted Rib Eye with Mushrooms and Taleggio Ca De Ambros stuffed Twice Baked Potato

> > The  steak : EXCELLENT ! The mushrooms : EXCELLENT ! The twice baked potato : OUT OF THIS WORLD !!! > I have only recently discovered “Taleggio Cheese”, and I feel sorry for myself to have gone 62 years without enjoying this marvel of Italian cheese making. I only know of one shop around […]

Mafaldine, Striploin, Mushrooms & Chilis

. . Dinner  for two : Sauteed strip loin, mafaldine, mushrooms, chilis and grape tomatoes with garlic and scallions. Simplicity at it’s best 🙂 > > > Bon Appetit !   Life is Good ! > > >

” Teriayki Salmon & Garlic Noodles With Straw Mushrooms In Oyster Sauce “

. . Garlic noodles with anything ! What’s not to like ? For yesterday’s dinner, I added teriyaki glazed salmon, which made for a great, healthy (the salmon :-), good looking dinner . . . . Ingredient‘s Salmon : Salmon filet,                       trimmed, skinless Teriyaki […]