Mushrooms And Udon Noodles In Oyster Sauce

> > It seems  to me that the biggest return (culinary bliss and satisfaction) for the smallest investment (time, money and work) was, is and always will be, the preparation of food. While there are of course very expensive, time-consuming, complicated and labor intensive dishes to be had, the majority of great food can be […]

Grilled Tenderloin With Mushrooms And Cannellini Beans

< > Although  I have cut back on my consumption of red meat, I still crave a rare steak once in a while. Tenderloin is not usually my cut of choice (that would be bone-in rib eye), but my Argentinian butcher had a special of grass-fed, cleaned and trimmed beef tenderloin for 26.85 per pound. […]

Sauteed Pork Medallions With Mushrooms And Pasta

> Link to :  “Hans’ Lighter, Healthier Comfort Food” > > This  is a dish straight out of my childhood, yet after all these years, it still has the same appeal to me which it had then (or maybe even more) . Everything just falls into place – pasta, tomato sauce, parmigiano reggiano, sautéed mushrooms, […]

Spinach Linguine With Mushrooms In White Wine And Cream

> > My  favorite Asian market carries about 30 different types of fresh mushrooms at all times, not to mention a myriad of dried ones. Today I bought a nice selection of different fresh ones, the whole lot was less than $ 10.00. What a great bargain . The fresh spinach linguine ran about another […]

Fusilli Col Buco With Mushrooms In Merlot Cream

“ “ Living  in Florida does not necessarily lend itself to be inspired to cooking with mushrooms, but thankfully the markets around here carry small offerings of fresh mushrooms which I like to enrich by adding some good quality dried mushrooms. Today I got some fresh baby bellas, oyster mushrooms and botton mushrooms, to which I […]

Fusili Col Bucco With Mushrooms In Red Wine / Dijon Reduction

“ “ Botton mushrooms don’t have much taste by themself, but if you simmer them in red wine, they soak up all the richness from the wine and take on a whole new personality 🙂 Bon Appetit !   Life is Good ! “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “   ‘ “ “ “ […]

Cream Of Asparagus, Potatoes & Mushrooms

> > After  a weekend of over eating and indolence I felt I had to scale down a bit on dinner tonight. A bowl of soup seemed just right, so here is what I concocted: Bon Appetit !   Life is Good ! > > > > > Dear Friend’s, to help support this blog, please […]

Pork And Spinach Dumplings With Bok Choy And Straw Mushrooms In Chili Broth

> > I used  to go through the trouble of making my own dumpling wrappers and steamed bun dough for my Asian dishes. A few weeks ago I had dinner at my neighborhood Chinese restaurant and I asked the owner if he would be willing to sell me some of the fresh wrappers for Jiaozi (steamed […]

Gratinated Rib Eye With Straw Mushrooms & Great Northern Beans

< > After  two days of turkey, tonight’s dinner required something more beefy. Only a large rib eye with lot’s of other goodies would do, so this is how I rolled: > > Bon Appetit !   Life is Good ! >   > > Dear Friend’s, to help support this blog, please be so […]

Angel Hair With Morells, Shiitake, Cepes, Baby Bellas & Oyster Mushrooms In Cream Sauce

> > Usually,  I don’t fancy much angel hair pasta, but for these mushrooms in a light, creamy white wine cream they were the perfect pasta to be paired with 🙂 Bon Appetit !   Life is Good ! > > > > < < < < < < Dear Friend’s, to help support this […]