Braised Oxtail & Potato Dumplings “Geschmorter Ochsenschwanz & Kartoffelknödel”

> > Geschmorter  Ochsenschwanz & Kartoffelknödel  /  Braised Ox Tail & Potato Dumplings > I remember with nostalgia when you could get oxtail from your butcher for a buck and a half a pound. Those were the day’s. Obviously long gone, but not forgotten. Nowadays it’s gonna cost an average of $ 5.00 a pound. Considering a […]

Rinds Rouladen & Semmelknoedel ( Beef Roulade & Bread Dumplings )

. . This  goes to John and Elli Vicente in Texas, who have requested this a couple of month’s ago. Hope you guy’s find it like it was imprinted in Ellis’ memory back in Germany   🙂 Guten Appetit ! Das Leben Ist Schoen ! > .     . Rouladen – Ingredient’s Beef,  round,  cut […]

” Tortellini En Brodo ” (Shrimp Dumplings In Broth)

> > When  I was growing up in germany in the 5o’s, newly arrived immigrant workers who had started new restaurants featuring their own countries food, had opened up a whole new world of culinary delights to regular folk’s who could not afford to go to the more established restaurants. These restaurants were usually too […]

TODAY AT “CHEZ BELLA” – Breaded Chicken Breast Cutlet (Paniertes Hühner Schnitzel)

: : : Any “Schnitzel”,  – Breaded Schnitzel, Paprika Schnitzel, Jäger Schnitzel, Rahm Schnitzel, Holsteiner Schnitzel, or which-ever Schnitzel comes to mind, served with Dumplings, Rustic Bread, Pasta, Potato Salad or Roast Potatoes, is pure comfort food for most Germans and Austrians. While it is super easy to prepare, it is also (like most simple […]

TODAY AT “CHEZ BELLA” – Pork Knuckle (Schweins Haxe)

: : For this most-easy to prepare, super delicious meal, just simmer one large knuckle in salt and pepper-seasoned water (about 2 to 3 hours) until tender, but NOT falling apart. DONE ! 🙂 Serve with mustard and / horseradish, rustic bread, sauerkraut, sauteed potatoes, dumplings, or whatever tickles your fancy. 🙂 : Bon Appétit […]

Pimentón En Crema (Peppers In Cream)

: : : A week ago I bought a large bag of fresh, beautiful peppers at my neighborhood Turkish grocery store. Since then, I have eaten most of them, usually grilled and served as a side dish to meat or seafood, with tzatziki as a dip. Today I needed something to accompany my dumplings, and […]

Schwäbishe Späzlepfanne Mit Pfifferlingen (Swabian Pasta & Chanterelle Mushrooms)

: : : There are three Chanterelle dishes for which I would leave just about any dish in the World behind (At least for a day or two 🙂  ) : “Chanterelles in Cream with Bread Dumplings” (Pfifferlinge in Sahnesauce mit Semmelknödel) : “Chanterelles with Lamb´s Lettuce and Crispy Bacon” (Pfifferlinge mit Feldsalat und Knusprigem […]

Easy Does It # 37 – Homemade Gyozas (Potstickers)

: : : Gyōza (Japan), Potstickers (USA), Jiǎozi (China), Mandu (Korea), Maultaschen (Germany),  Pierogi (Eastern Europe), Pelmeni (Russia), Ravioli (Italy) are just a few names for stuffed dumplings/dough pockets which are served around the World. Nearly all cuisines have at least one variation of these delicious marvels. Some are eaten as snacks, others as appetizers […]


> > > Meatballs come in many shapes, sizes and flavors. In the western cuisine we are most familiar with Italian meatballs, while in Asian cuisine soup dumplings are the most common. Among Asian meatballs, Chinese lion heads are probably my favorite plain (no wrapper) meatballs. They are usually served in a flavorful soup, loaded […]