Curried Beef & Pasta

> > Sunday  lunch is supposed to be the highlight of the week, when traditionally the whole family gathers around the dining table for the culinary highlight of the week. So sad to see traditions like that slowly but surely disappear 😦 However, Bella and I keep the tradition alive as best as we can, […]

Surf & Turf – Striploin, Cod Filet, Coconut Rice And Curried Lentils

> > Surf  & turf, much different from your standard steak and lobster with fries. Different, but definitely not less delicious, maybe even more so and for sure more interesting 🙂 Thinly sliced striploin cutlets, cod filet’s, curried lentils and coconut rice, what a great combination of textures and flavors. Bon Appetit !   Life […]

Curried Langostino And Egg Salad Wrapped In Roti Prata ( 印度煎饼 )

> > While  I was preparing tonight’s pratas (parathas, roti canai), my cravings for the final dish became so strong that I did not even bother to decorate the food a bit. I just could not wait to dig in, as I remembered with great affection the tasty roti’s I had in India, Pakistan, Singapore, […]

Curried Gizzards, Herbed Potatoes & Frisse In Honey Mustard Dressing

, , “Sauteed Gizzards in curry cream with buttered, herbed yukon gold potatoes and frisse salad in honey mustard dressing” The verdict is out : I’ve got a new favorite chicken gizzard recipe, taking the #1 spot and pushing “Gizzard Adobo” to spot #2 🙂 What a great dish. Even if you are not a […]

Curried Lentil Soup With Pork & Pork

. . ” Curried  lentil soup with pork, vegetables, potatoes, sun dried tomatoes, chilis and chicharones (the other pork) ” Last night it was a bone chilling 68 F  outside, (this is Florida, folks), so  this one-pot meal provided much needed  heat and comfort  🙂 . . . Ingredients : Pork butt,   diced Chicken […]

” Curried Pumpkin Soup With Carrots, Yoghurt & Ginger “

. . Last week I bought  some pumpkin at the grocery store. I had planned to use it as side dish, but the days passed and the pumpkin just sat there. So today when I felt like having a soup, curried pumpkin and carrot cream with ginger and chili oil came to mind. I have […]

” Roast Pork, Curried Rice, Cepe Sauce & Sauted Vegetables “

Tonight’s dinner. When I finished, I realized I can not eat meat tonight (Dentist today, mouth still sore), so I will have the roast for breakfast. Tonight it’s curried rice, veggies and cepe sauce. Life can be tough 🙂

Hans’ Delicious Tandoori Chicken

: : : : : : : : When I was a chef it was essential for me to teach my cooks, then later my students at Le Cordon Bleu, recipes of dishes which were as authentic to their classic origin as possible. Especially during my many years as a teacher and program chair at Le […]

Calamares Al Ajillo, Arroz Mexicana Y Frijoles Negro

: : : This was such a down to earth, yet wonderfully delicious meal. Well-prepared rice and beans are something I enjoy at least twice a week. But not just the simple black beans and white rice common here in the Caribbean, South America and South Florida, but many, many combinations of different rice and […]

Salmon In Beurre Noisette With Beans & Carrots In Honey-Mustard Dressing

> > I pity  the folks who’ll never taste a properly cooked salmon 😦 What a shame to miss-out on he texture of salmon (as well as most other fish and seafood) which has been cooked the old-fashioned way: “Au Pointe”  – to the point (of being done) , perfect doneness. I have written about this a […]