“Blanquette De Veau” (And Please, Don’t Judge Me By The Color Of My – Pasta!)

> In all my years living in the USA, I have never seen this dish on any restaurant menu. Growing up in Germany, it was very common and popular, served in many restaurants and homes. If I had to describe the type of food this is, I would say “sophisticated home cooking”. Full of flavor and […]

Sliced Beef Shanks Braised In Merlot

> Shank’s of beef, veal, lamb, or game is perfectly suitable to be braised slowly in wine. The cooking liquid and gentle heat of slowly simmering breaks down the collagen, producing a wonderful texture and great flavor, unlike any other part of the animal. One can use the shank meat for stews, soups, goulash, bulalo, […]

Enjoy A Super-Delicious Dish For $ 1.00 !

> No, this was not at a hawker cart in Singapore, nor was it on the side of the road in Manila, it was not in the bush in Zanzibar and certainly not on the beach in Goa. This was in Miami, at “Chez Bella”. All the ingredients for 4 portions came to about $ […]

Spinach Tagliatelle With Crayfish In Garlic/Chili Butter

> Crayfish must be one of the most under-appreciated seafood on the market. I assume it has to do with the fact that it takes a while and a bit of practice to peel them efficiently. There is also the misconception that they are expensive, which, in my opinion, they are not. One pound costs […]

Jägerschnitzel Vom Huhn Mit Pasta Und Schmelze – Chicken Cutlet Hunter Style

> > I just  have come across some debates about what constitutes a “true” Jägerschnitzel, so I’d like to put that to rest, right now, right here, with some authority on the subject (easy now !) 🙂 After all, I grew up  in Swabia in Southern Germany, where, during my youth, schnitzel were one of the […]

Not Your Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner ……..Shrimp And Potato Salad

> > So  here I was on a Thanksgiving afternoon, coming home at 4.30 pm, hungry but absolutely not  in the mood to do the turkey thing just for Bella and myself. But you see, being alone has the distinct advantage that tradition and customs can be ignored at will in ones own four walls, […]

East Meets West – Sauteed Beef With Bok Choy, Onions And Potatoes In Hoisin Sauce

> I could  have named this dish “Chinese Beef Stir Fry With Vegetables”, and it would also be absolutely correct. However, I named it  “Sautéed Beef With Bok Choy, Onions And Potatoes In Hoi Sin Sauce”, because I wanted to emphasize the fact that naming a dish that one creates, even if similar recipes exist, leaves one free […]

Not your Ordinary Balls

> > > > > > These  meatballs resemble “Konigsberger Klopse”  more than “Italian Meatballs”. Made of veal, simmered, then served in veloute, they look and taste very distinct from the meatballs most folks are familiar with. I hope that with this post I can convince you that there is more to meatballs than the usual suspects in […]

Beef Paillard And Chili Cheese Fries (Boss Level)

> > Beef  Paillard – when was the last time (if ever) you have seen that on a restaurant menu? (Or  chicken paillard  or  veal paillard ???) Chili cheese fries, on the other hand, can be found everywhere, at least here in America, although mostly and sadly in less than stellar variations of that beloved junk-food. Starting […]

Poulet Beaucoup D’Ail

  > > Chicken  breast has gotten a bad rap for a long time. However, you can safely say that’s not the chicken breast’s fault, but the fault of the cooks who do not know how to properly prepare it. (It is the same dilemma with fish, veal, pork and most other protein besides red meat – […]