Spicy Lamb Tortilla Wraps

> > These  lamb wraps are even tastier than they look. Twice ground lamb, lots of seasoning and good salsa, a few squirts of lime and fresh guacamole made this a great, quick, economic ( we don’t say cheap 🙂  ) lunch. Bon Appetit !   Life is Good ! Guacamole Recipe Salsa Mexicana Recipe […]

Breakfast Of Champions # 62 – Baked Breakfast Wrap

  Here we have the perfect breakfast for dog owners (and everybody else who loves a great breakfast and can wait awhile before breakfast is ready,) 🙂 Once the prep has been done (you can do this the previous evening), just put the wrap into the oven (hot or cold), turn to 375F and walk your […]

Spinach Wrap With Smoked Spicy Sausage, Coleslaw And Black Beans

Before  I started this post today, I googled “Wrap”, to see some comparison to what I had prepared for dinner. To tell you the truth, almost all of them, especially the ones from food chains, look absolutely gorgeous – well balanced with equal amounts of protein, lettuce and other “Stuff” 🙂 The problem??? Almost all these […]

Shrimp And Black Beans Taco Bowl

> > I do realize that taco bowls are sooo 80’s, but I feel they still look great today, and this piece of once “in” popular food culture deserves a place within the classics we should re-visit once in a while so as not to forget them 🙂 In order to be a bit more […]

Curried Garbanzo And Potato Wrap With Raita

> > Curried  garbanzos (chickpeas) are one of my favorite snacks. They are quick and easy to prepare and their heat (add as much chile flakes or cayenne pepper as you can handle) makes for a great snack when boring pretzels just won’t do. Today I prepared one of the hybrids of curried garbanzos I […]