Kalbs Haxe, Semmelknödel, Und Rosenkohl Mit Speck… (Whole-Roast Veal Shank, Brussels Sprouts And Bread Dumplings)

: : : While Bella and I eat pork shank/knuckle/trotter quite often, veal shank, because of it´s price, is more of a “once in a while” treat. As I mentioned before one these pages, veal named “Milk Veal” in Germany can only be from an up to 6 months old calf, therefore it carries a […]

Red Wine-Braised Veal Shank Slice, With Tagliatelle & Yucatan Cebolla En Escabeche On A Crispy Noodle Pillow

: : : While traditional Osso Bucco is one of my favorite meat dishes, this version of braised sliced veal shanks is, in my humble opinion, far superior. First, the crispy noodle pillow adds great texture to the soft texture of the meat. Second, the marinated onions add great umami to the normally quite one-dimensional […]

Sautéed Veal Liver with Thai Chili-Vinegar Sauce, Sautéed Oyster Mushrooms, Scallions and Grape-Tomatoes & Potato-Cucumber Salad

: : : Ever since I moved back to Germany and I found out that the VEAL which I remember from my youth and my apprenticeship is still widely available in Germany, as well as in most other European countries, I buy veal at least once a week ( I love any part/cut of the […]

German Veal-Burger with Garlic/Herb Butter, Gnocchi, Peppers & Onions

: : : I have made dozens, maybe even hundreds, of honest attempts to love the American Burger – unfortunately, most of the time, my honest attempts have failed miserably. 😦 This includes restaurants of all price points, even when, because of its simple nature, most burgers are consumed in simple joints. (I don´t want […]

Toasted Focaccia Sandwich With Veal & Pickled Onions

. . When I have leftovers (meat, seafood, pasta, rice, veggies) in the fridge, rather than just reheat it the next day and have the same dish again, I prefer to create a new, different dish with it. Therefore, the  braised veal breast  from the other day became today’s spectacular, highly satisfying “Toasted Focaccia Sandwich With […]

Breakfast Of Champions # 63 – Veal Blade Steak With Poached Eggs, Tzatsiki & Pita

> > > The  beautiful 2 lbs veal blade steak on this page cost all of $ 5.00. As soon as I got home, I felt like kicking myself not to have bought a few more to keep in the freezer to serve in the coming few weeks. While not the most tender of steaks, veal […]

Grilled Veal Breast, Sauteed Potatoes, Chimichurri

> Sliced veal breast is a cut I use often at home, mainly for these three reasons: 1.- It’s cheap. 1 lb costs around $2.50. 2.- It tastes great. 3.- I love the texture. Since veal breast is not a very tender part of an animal to begin with, most folks would braise it for a […]

Carlo’s Veal & Leek Soup

> > Soup………. (Excerpt from “FoodTimeline”) . Food historians tell us the history of soup is probably as old as the history of cooking. The act of combining various ingredients in a large pot to create a nutritious, filling, easily digested, simple to make/serve food was inevitable. This made it the perfect choice for both […]

Sauteed Veal Breast

: : I hate  to use the moniker “deconstructed” when it comes to food. Specifically,  in order to de-construct something, wouldn’t you have to construct it first? (Another term I hate is to  “de-nature”  food. I just hate these stilted monikers 😦 However, If I would use the term deconstructed, last nights dinner would qualify for […]