Turkey Soup (Thanksgiving Leftovers)

> > Yesterday’s turkey dinner had left me with some turkey and orzo with “stuff”. I also had chicken soup from the previous day in the fridge, so putting this (very delicious) meal on the table took all of five minutes of heating up leftovers, plating them and adding an egg yolk and fresh cilantro […]

Turkey For Singles

> > > Because I live alone with Bella,  I have  we have  the luxury of only eating what  I love  we love  to eat the most. (Bella tend’s to agree with my choices, so when it comes to Thanksgiving turkey, only  my   our  favorite part, the wing, will be present in our feast. As for the side dish, […]

Red Lentil Soup With Smoked Turkey Leg

> > It’s  getting cooler at night lately, so hot soup is again welcome, especially when eaten al fresco. This soup took about two and a half hours to cook from beginning to end, but the actual prep-time was only a few minutes, which makes it a perfect dish when you don’t feel like getting too involved with heavy […]

Braised Turkey Leg With Bell Peppers And Great Northern Beans

> Week Three – Monday Dinner – “Hans’ Lighter, Healthier Comfort Food” meal plan > > > While  most folks think Turkey is only appropriate as a thanksgiving meal, I enjoy turkey all year-long. Braised turkey legs, turkey giblet adobo, grilled turkey hearts and turkey neck soup are some of my favorite dishes, while the whole turkey […]

Turkey Season Is Over – Let The Steak Season Begin

> > Turkey  anybody ? Thank you, me neither 🙂 So now that things are finally back to normal (for a short while anyway, Xmas is looming around the corner, ready to attack), I had this wonderful dinner yesterday. The only sour note was that I had no duck fat in my larder to fry […]

Last Of The Turkey – See You Again Next Year

> > Turkey Salad Crostini > Here  we go, the last of the leftovers. Hallelujah ! 🙂 But the best part of this dish is that you can make it during the whole year, just replace the turkey with chicken or shrimp and you will have a quick and easy party snack standby, or maybe just […]

Bragging Alert !!! Best Turkey-Leftovers Sandwich – Ever !

> > It is my firm believe that leftovers should be as good as the original dish it derived from. Yesterday I prepared this sandwich and I am convinced that not only is it the best left-over turkey sandwich, but also one of the best turkey dishes overall, period 🙂 I usually prepare other dishes from […]

NOT A Turkey Sandwich

> > Now  that normality has been restored in most home kitchens, it is time to attack the leftovers, hopefully without destroying our memories of a wonderful turkey feast by just slapping a few slices of meat in between two simple slices of bread and calling that a good way of using leftovers. Instead, I […]

Drunken Turkey Drum Stick

. . Usually  when I walk into a store to buy food, turkey does not stand in the forefront of my mind. Today I was looking for something like gizzards, trotters, necks, etc. But when I saw this beautiful piece of poultry, my mind was made up, decision made : Braised Turkey 🙂 . Turkey drums […]