“Pigs Trotters” (Part 1 – Caribbean Souse)

: : : : : : : Pig’s feet  are not everybody’s cup of tea, but for those of us who love them, they are a special treat. I prepare them quite often, in stews, steamed, braised, Asian style, Latin style, German style; any which way is fine with me 🙂 The following dish is Caribbean Style Souse, […]

Confession Of An PT Addict

> I confess ! I am a lifelong PT addict, ever since I was a child and my mother fed me my first dose of PT ……… I will eat PT (pig’s tails) with gusto, in whatever guise you set them before me – braised in soy sauce, salted, fried, in stews, souse, soups, or […]

Pied De Cochon

> > ANYTHING  sounds better in french ?! 🙂 I used to call my wife “Mon Petit Chou”, which sounds perfectly sweet and romantic in french. Translated, it’s “My Little Cabbage” :-(. Not as sweet and romantic, no doubt. Same with my dinner today : “Pied De Cochon – which translates into “Pig’s Trotters”, one […]

Drunken Turkey Drum Stick

. . Usually  when I walk into a store to buy food, turkey does not stand in the forefront of my mind. Today I was looking for something like gizzards, trotters, necks, etc. But when I saw this beautiful piece of poultry, my mind was made up, decision made : Braised Turkey 🙂 . Turkey drums […]

Pigs Trotter In Fermented Bean Sauce

. . Pig’s Feet.  Patitas.  Manos de cerdo. Pigs Trotters.  Schweine fuesse. Prepared in a stew, pickled, boiled, in a aspic, hot, cold. . You name it, I love it. On the weekend I have increased my repertoire by yet another version, this one being my new favorite. The preparation is minimal and the final […]