Ox Tripe Two Way’s

> > > > > Even  though ox tripe is not everybody’s cup of tea, I myself am an incurable fan of it. Originally classified as “Poor Man’s Food”, it has lately become more widely used, especially since the “Head To Tail” movement has become popular and it is now  “in”  to classify former “Poor Man’s […]

Chinese Beef Tripe And Egg Noodle Soup With Bok Choy And Chili (Mondongo Chino) (Kuttelsuppe Mit Nudeln)

> > I have  taken to the habit of having Pho at “Pho 79” in Davie, while I wait for the nice Ladies at “Davie Coin Laundry” to take care of one of my lesser liked weekly chores. Both establishments are by far the best of their kind in this area (Ft Lauderdale to the Keys […]

Mondongo A La Soupi (Ox Tripe & Chicken Gizzard My Way)

> > If  this recipe does not make you like ox tripe and gizzard, nothing will do the trick. This is on my list for one of the ten dishes I don’t want to live without 🙂 Bon Appetit !   Life is Good ! > >   > > > > > > Dear […]

Pork Congee – (猪肉粥) – (Pork Porridge)

: . : : Click here for more  Pork  on  ChefsOpinion : Click here for more  Pig  on  ChefsOpinion : Click here for more  Congee  on  ChefsOpinion : : P.S. There is an extensive article about congee from around the world below the following pictures : : Bon Appétit !   Life is Good ! : […]

Pasta E Fagioli (Pasta Fazool) (Pasta And Beans)

: : Pasta e fagioli , meaning “pasta and beans”, is a traditional Italian soup, (although beansoup with pasta is served the World over, with different beans, different pasta, meats or seafood and vegetables, and of course different local names). Like many other Italian favorites, including pizza and polenta, it started as a peasant dish, being composed of inexpensive ingredients. It is often […]

Shrimp & Spinach

> > > Not too long ago, one esteemed member of our happy ChefsOpinion family mentioned that I prepare shrimp too often. While I understand that not everyone loves shrimp as much as I do (many folks do, though), 99.9 % of my posts show what Bella and I actually prepare and eat at home […]

Salade De Gésiers (Romaine and Red Onions In Tarragon Vinaigrette, With Chili Gizzards & Honey Garlic Yogurt)

> > > As loyal readers of ChefsOpinion, by now you know of my love of innards and lesser cuts of animals – feet, heart, necks, liver, tails, kidneys, tripe, marrow, tongue,etc. I fully understand that not everybody is a fan, but on the other hand, many people are. Today’s featured salad contains chicken gizzards, […]

Tuna Steak Poached In Olive Oil

> My friend Peter came over for lunch today. Usually, he is a big fan of down to earth home cooking, never getting enough meatloaf, pasta, potatoes, stews, pigs feet, tripe, and other offal. However, right now he is on a strict diet, so he asked me to prepare something gluten-free, starch-free and sugar-free. This tuna […]

Shrimp And Rice Stick Pillows With Peanut Sauce And Sweet Chili Sauce

> Last night on my way home I stopped at a Vietnamese restaurant where I used to eat pho. I stopped eating there because of the tiny portions (see my post about it by clicking this link:  ….Pho…. Knowing that I would be disappointed by the skimpy pho, I placed my hope into an order of […]

Executioners Stew

> > Of  course you will wonder what possessed me to name this stew Executioners Stew – well, my thinking goes that if I would have one last meal before the executioner would step in, this would be the last supper I would request. While there are many things I would like to have for that […]