Breakfast Of Champions # 69 – “Tortilla With Chorizo”

> > > Today was a very special day for me and there was a possibility that the day would not end as I had planned for the past year and a half. Because of that and the resulting tension, I was not able to sleep last night and the night before, so by the […]

One For The Kids # 2 – Banana/Nutella Tortilla Roll With Fresh Raspberries And Blueberries

> > Yesterday  afternoon my friend Ralf came by with his four-year old son Justin. Ralf and I had some Chili Noodles which were fantastic, but would have been way too spicy for a four-year old, so I made this dish for him. I made this for him before, so I knew he would love it. […]

Tortilla Dulce

> > When  I got out of bed this morning, visions of sweet crepes swirled around my head and after I walked Bella for an hour around the lake, we were ready for our sweet reward. As I gathered the ingredients from the fridge, I came across some leftover tortillas from last nights dinner. Now, as […]

Tortilla Española (Tortilla De Patatas) (Spanish Omelette)

> > While a Spanish tortilla is steeped in tradition and has it’s long-standing recipes (usually just thinly sliced potatoes and eggs,) I like to make my own, more elaborate versions by adding “stuff”, such as ham, bacon, vegetables, mushrooms, shrimp, or any other ingredient I find suitable to a dish I love but would find […]

Spicy Lamb Tortilla Wraps

> > These  lamb wraps are even tastier than they look. Twice ground lamb, lots of seasoning and good salsa, a few squirts of lime and fresh guacamole made this a great, quick, economic ( we don’t say cheap 🙂  ) lunch. Bon Appetit !   Life is Good ! Guacamole Recipe Salsa Mexicana Recipe […]

Shrimp Cocktail, Fried Tortilla & Classic French Cocktail Sauce

> > I am  sick as a dog today, hope that tomorrow I’ll be better. Had a doc appointment at 2.00pm. As I was parking in front of the doc’s office, they called me to tell me that the doc had an emergency and that I’ll be re-scheduled. What a bummer. Obviously I was not […]

Sauted Strip Steak , Cauliflower Tortilla & Sriracha/Garlic Butter

> > Sunday’s  late lunch / early dinner (4.00pm) After sleeping-in late (7.30am and enjoying a big breakfast of strawberry smoothies and goose liver pate stuffed croissants, I did not feel hungry at lunch time and held out until late afternoon. But then I knew I would have to combine lunch and dinner, so it […]

” Breakfast Of Champions ” # 10 – Tortilla Española

. . This  is without doubt one of my favorite potato dishes and the good thing about it is that it tastes even better when you re-heat the leftovers. Serve it as a substantial breakfast, as a snack, lunch, dinner or part of a buffet. As for the ingredients, use potatoes and eggs for sure. […]

” Tortillas With Egg, Chorizo & Veggies “

. . If  Breakfast – Good Breakfast ! Usually I am a coffe and bananas kind of breakfast guy, but today…… . .  Life is Good !     🙂 > 

Caramelized Banana & Chocolate Burrito With Strawberry Preserve

: : : While preparing crepes is a snap, both time-wise and on difficulty level, defrosting a large flour tortilla is even easier and faster 🙂 Also, the taste and texture are a bit more rustic, so it fits perfectly with the other ingredients for this dish. Usually, this is a bit substantial for a […]