Tonkatsu With Cilantro/Pomegranate Rice

> Mixing  freshly steamed rice with cilantro is very common. Mixing cilantro rice with pomegranate seeds not so much, at least I have never seen it before. But what a treat it is. The combination works very well, and both flavor and texture are outstanding. A great new addition to my standards repertoire 🙂 > […]

Fried Seafood, Creamed Spinach & Tonkatsu Sauce

> > The  secret for the success of this dish is in the seasoned flour/bread crumbs in which to dredge the seafood, as well as frying it in small batches in very hot peanut oil. Mix 1/3 of panko bread crumbs, 1/3 of regular bread crumbs and 1/3 of corn starch. Season with plenty of smoked […]

Panko Breaded Skirt Steak & Tonkatsu Sauce ( Gyū katsu (牛カツ

> > Last  night I went to sleep at 4.30 am, knowing I can sleep-in this morning for as long as I want. At 6.00am sharp the door bell rang, Bella went berserk and I run downstairs to open the front door, expecting the worst of emergencies. An elderly lady stood there with the sweetest […]

Tonkatsu & Dipping Sauce

> > Tonkatsu !  Sounds exotic and foreign ? Rightfully so. However, tonkatsu is a common japanese dish, usually served with shredded cabbage and a worcester based dipping sauce. But, if you take the japanese name and replace it with the english name, what you get is ” breaded pork cutlet”. In this version I […]

Suppli al Telefono

> > > Many fans of Italian fried rice balls are a bit unclear about the difference between Arancino and Suppli. I found this explanation online which seems to be very accurate to me and should help to calm down future hot-blooded discussions 🙂 . Excerpt from La Piccola Fontana : “The Sicilian people will be […]

Schnitzel vom Schweinerücken „Zigeuner Art“

> >> > One of my first childhood memories involving food is about Schnitzel. When visiting a restaurant with my parents in my earliest years, more often than not at least one person of the family/group at the table ordered a schnitzel, sometimes everybody. There was a wide variety of schnitzel available, even in the most […]

Today I Ate An Convertible………

Smoked Salmon, Avocado, And Pickled Onions Hoagie ( Convertible With Top Up / Convertible With Top Down ) > > Hero,  sub, foot long, hoagie, garibaldi, spuckie, blimpie, torpedo, zeppelin, bomber, poor boy, wedge, or just plain old sandwich – whatever you call a sandwich made of a long crusty roll split lengthwise and filled with meats/cheese/seafood/tomato/onion/lettuce/condiments and/or […]

BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS # 58 – Shrimp Croissant And Fresh Fruits With Kefir And Honey

> > What a wonderful way to start the day early today – a walk in the park with Bella, a great breakfast with Bella, then a great movie – “Galaxy Quest” (Bella not interested), all followed by a long nap ! (Bella enthusiastically interested again) 🙂 > Bon Appétit !   Life is Good ! > > Click […]

Beef Paillard And Chili Cheese Fries (Boss Level)

> > Beef  Paillard – when was the last time (if ever) you have seen that on a restaurant menu? (Or  chicken paillard  or  veal paillard ???) Chili cheese fries, on the other hand, can be found everywhere, at least here in America, although mostly and sadly in less than stellar variations of that beloved junk-food. Starting […]

Open-Faced Chicken Sandwich

> > There  are chicken sandwiches – and then there is THIS chicken sandwich ! 🙂 When I made the sandwich, I almost stopped after adding the tonkatsu sauce and the sliced tomatoes to the baguette, because that by itself already looked good enough to eat. (Next time I crave a tomato sandwich, this will be […]