Sauteed Red Beet Leaves With Steamed Swai Filet, Aji Amarillo Sauce, Parmesan Shavings & Scallions

> > Today’s post on  “Hans’ Lighter, Healthier Comfort Food”  > > Week One – Wednesday Dinner > < Sautéed Red Beet Leaves With Steamed Swai Filet, Aji Amarillo Sauce, Parmesan Shavings & Scallions < Click here to see all pictures and Cooking Instructions > > Who would have thought that red beet leaves are so […]

Sautéed Swai Filet In Brown Caper Butter

“ “ This  evening  I tried a new type of fish which I never had before:  Swai . When I first saw the fish being sold for $ 4.00 a pound I was naturally very sceptical and went on a bit of research online. Much to my surprise, this seems to be a good choice, healthy […]

Red Beet “Pasta” With Mushroom Cream

> > > If you a fan of great texture, this “Pasta” is for you. Most of the earthy flavor of the red beets will be lost after cooking the thin strands in salted water, but the texture is phenomenal, assuming you cook them exactly right. Overcooking results in a mushy mess, under-cooking in a […]

Red Beet Grits With Shrimp In Garlic/Herb Butter And Poached Egg

> > While  I love grits and eat them quite often, after a while they can become a bit boring, so I like to dress them up a bit with additional flavors and textures. The version here is especially yummy and pretty, what with the added red beets who give a brilliant red hue, the interesting and […]

Tostadas Al Pescado (Fish Tostadas)

> > When  you decide to make tostadas, the biggest decision will be if you want to prepare  your own tortillas and fry them to a flat crisp or buy packaged tostada shells, which you can buy in any supermarket nowadays’, most of excellent quality. After that, the most sensible thing is to put the tostadas on a […]