Grilled Tuna Steak, Garlic Confit With Black Olives And Greens In Raspberry Vinaigrette

< Fresh grilled tuna steak might seem a tad old-fashioned these day’s, but when it is so yummy, who cares ? 🙂 This dish, and the memories it evoked, mentally transported me back to the shores of the Mediterranean, where this would be a traditional, light lunch – a few, simple but fresh and fragrantly seasoned ingredients, enjoyed […]

Old Fashioned Hoisin Glazed Grilled Tuna Steak

> > If  you wonder why I call this dish “old fashioned”, the answer is simple: “It is fully cooked but still juicy”, which is undoubtedly one of the most difficult things to master in good cooking and unfortunately a part of our craft lost to the majority of today’s cooks/ chefs. In order to […]

Steak Salad Recipe # 91

> > Today’s  dinner salad was pretty special for me, because it contained six of my favorite food items – endive, pears, Gorgonzola, garlic, shiitake mushrooms and Entraña (faux hanger steak). While the shiitake might not seem a good fit for a salad at first glance, they turned out to be a perfect fit with the rest of […]

Steak Salad Recipe # 2371

> > Aged beef tenderloin and a hearty salad – if done with love, a wonderful, sexy, perfect fit. I am usually not a big fan of beef tenderloin because in my opinion, the texture is rather boring and more suitable for a toothless baby than for a grown man. However, cut into lardon’s, seasoned properly […]

Steak Salad – Just A Bit Different

> > We  have come to expect a steak salad to be mostly beef and greens, usually with an afterthought of a few cucumbers, tomatoes and onions thrown in. (Myself – guilty) 🙂 😦 So today I went into a different direction, with a salad of pickled artichokes, sliced red onions, diced tomatoes, black beans […]


> > If  you feel you need a breakfast that will prepare you for a special day ahead, be it a tough work-day or a fun play-day, this tasty beauty will probably fit the bill. Even if you are a vegetarian, just omit the steak and you will still have a dish that is full […]

Steak Salad “Saigon”

> > The  foundation of this steak salad is a refreshing rice stick salad, which I usually make at least twice a month. I normally make about four to six portions and eat it as part of a meal, as breakfast or as a late night snack. The noodles keep their texture for a few days without getting […]

Steak Sandwich – Boss Level

> > If  you come to my house and I offer you a sandwich, don’t except two limp slices of wonder bread with mayo and a few thin slices of mystery meat…… Rather, expect something like the following goody 🙂 > Bon Appetit !   Life is Good ! > > > > > > […]

Gochujang Blade Steaks With Musaengchae (Spicy Korean Radish Salad)

> > While  I prepare blade steaks often, musaengchae is not so common on my dinner table, simply because I usually don’t find Korean radish on my regular shopping-runs, so when I do find them, musaengchae it is. You could substitute the Korean radish with daikon, but for this particular dish, daikon will be inferior and should […]

Chicken Fried Steak

> > The  great thing about CFS is that one can utilize an economical (cheap, in plain English)  cut of beef, such as top round or cube steak and still get excellent results. However, I happened to have some leftover raw strip loin left from yesterday’s dinner, which I sliced thin, then pounded it even thinner for this […]