St Patrick’s Day Goodies

> > ÉIRINN GO BRÁCH   *   Lá Fhéile Pádraig > > > > Believe it or not – it’s not all about the green beer, although having some fun while honoring a Saint might not be so bad…… 🙂 But besides the traditional free flow of booze for some, here are a few great culinary suggestions on […]

Corned Beef And Cabbage – Happy St Patrick’s Day

> > After  a week of corned beef almost daily, (I bought too much meat, as usual), I am happy that today St Paddy’s day is finally here, the mountain of corned beef is devoured and we can move on to other goodies. 🙂 However, today’s  dish, Corned Beef and Cabbage, has been served in so many […]

Corned Beef – Getting Ready For St Patrick’s Day

> > Here  is the deal – you can of course buy corned beef ready-made :-(,  – or you can make your own, which in most cases will leave you not only with a far  superior product, but also with unbeatable bragging rights 🙂 Usually, you want to brine your brisket for about 10  days (depending on […]

Saint Patrick’s Day “Breakfast Of Champions” # 19

. . ” Irish  soda bread with raisins & caraway seeds, topped with corned beef, asparagus, tomato and brie” Great breakfast in honor of St Patrick. (The brie might not be Irish, but it lift’s this dish to another dimension 🙂 Erin Go Bragh ! Recipe for Irish soda bread HERE > > > Bon Appetit ! […]

Matzoball & Corned Beef Soup

> > Today’s  lunch pay’s homage to the fact that tomorrow is St Paddy’s day and to the fact that corned beef is not really Irish in origin but has its roots in the Jewish community 🙂 (Before you scream at me, you might want to read the article below) Is Corned Beef Really Irish? The […]

Éirinn go Brách – Cál ceannann (Colcannon)………

> > Colcannon, Corned Beef & Horseradish Sauce > > Cál ceannann  (Colcannon) is, in the form presented here, without a doubt one of the most sumptuous and decadent potato dishes you’ll find in any home or restaurant. Far removed from its humble beginnings, this version is loaded with butter, cream, leeks and scallions, seasoned with sea […]