Mango, Peach And Yogurt Smoothie

> > My  old standard smoothie recipe used to be ice, fruit, ice cream and lots of liquor. I could never get enough of those rum and/or vodka spiked concoctions, which I drank by the bucketful and although they had quite a kick, they always made me feel that I am drinking healthy, what with […]

Shannons “Spinach & Fruit Smoothie”

> > When I started to watch my nutrition some time ago, one of the first thing I tried were healthy smoothies. Usually bright green and healthy looking, with all kind of supposedly healthy ingredients, I had tried many of them in many different places. One thing they all had in common – they smelled […]

Cantaloupe Melon & Barceló Añejo Rum Smoothie

> > I was  able to enjoy most of this before the rain hit and I had to move inside. Now it’s fiesta time 🙂 > Ingredients : Cantaloupe melon, vanilla yoghurt, ice, milk, barceló añejo rum (the more the merrier 🙂 Cheers ! > > > > > > >  

Strawberry, Vodka & Chocolate Smoothie

> > Welcome  back, summer ! It is 5.00pm and the temperature is still at 83F. Feels almost like summer. Of course, this is the perfect temperature. As soon as it get’s a bit hotter, just like all good Floridians, I  will of course complain  that it is too hot ! But, today, it’s just perfect […]

” Watermelon & Mango Smoothie “

. . Plenty of watermelon &  mango smoothie, Bella and I enjoying a breezy afternoon in the garden. . Life is Good !    🙂 . . . . . . 1 qt       coarsely chopped watermelon 1 qt       coarsely chopped mango 1 cup    yoghurt 2 cup   whole l milk […]

Chilled Fruit Milk

> > While  I absolutely love smoothies, which are not exactly difficult or complicated to prepare, sometimes I crave an even simpler drink – fruit milk. Chilled fruit, milk and a sweetener such as honey or fruit-preserve, blended and voilà – the embodiment of deliciousness at your fingertips 🙂 > P.S. Of course in years past, I added liquor […]

Freeze Your Bananas !!!

>> Link to “ Hans’ Lighter, Healthier Comfort Food ” > > > One of my favorite fruits are bananas. So, me being me, every time I buy a bunch, without fail I buy too many. In the past, I discarded them once they had too many brown spots – until I started to become a […]

Something To Think About…….20 SCARIEST FOOD FACTS

> > I found  this at and thought I should share it with y’all 🙂 Stay Healthy !   Life is Good ! 20 SCARIEST FOOD FACTS   20. 1. Your food can legally contain maggots, rodent hair, and insect eggs. : The FDA allows certain “defects” to slide by. Have a look at what your […]

Happy Sunday ! – “Soupi’s Peachy Dream’s”

> > Usually,   the fruit and vegetable section in my neighborhood’s  publix’ is nothing to write home about, but the peaches they are selling this week are spectacular. Since I made some limoncello and orangecello  last week, this cocktail was a snap to prepare and it did the peaches full justice. Make a fruit puree by blending […]

Blueberry Delight With Limoncello & Prosecco

> > Lately I find myself making Limoncello and Orangecello often. They are simple to produce and, if you decide to make it your self,  you can easily adjust the taste exactly to your liking by adjusting the ratio of the ingredients, as well as by changing the type of vodka and / or fruit […]