Catalan Shrimp & Mussels Stew

> Chances  are that if you love seafood and have traveled in Spain, especially in the provinces of Barcelona, Girona, Lleida, and Tarragona, you have at one point or another had an encounter with the dish featured here. It represents the philosophy of both old and new cooking styles one finds all over this area and in […]

Shrimp And Octopus Stewed In Red Wine

> Seafood , wine, olive oil, tomatoes, onions, garlic, beans and potatoes give this dish that familiar taste and appearance you’ll find when ordering seafood stew along the coast of Portugal and it’s islands. Maria and I have had this particular stew (sometimes with, sometimes without the beans) a couple of times in the home of […]

BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS # 58 – Shrimp Croissant And Fresh Fruits With Kefir And Honey

> > What a wonderful way to start the day early today – a walk in the park with Bella, a great breakfast with Bella, then a great movie – “Galaxy Quest” (Bella not interested), all followed by a long nap ! (Bella enthusiastically interested again) 🙂 > Bon Appétit !   Life is Good ! > > Click […]

Not Your Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner ……..Shrimp And Potato Salad

> > So  here I was on a Thanksgiving afternoon, coming home at 4.30 pm, hungry but absolutely not  in the mood to do the turkey thing just for Bella and myself. But you see, being alone has the distinct advantage that tradition and customs can be ignored at will in ones own four walls, […]

Red Beet Grits With Shrimp In Garlic/Herb Butter And Poached Egg

> > While  I love grits and eat them quite often, after a while they can become a bit boring, so I like to dress them up a bit with additional flavors and textures. The version here is especially yummy and pretty, what with the added red beets who give a brilliant red hue, the interesting and […]

Curried Pasta With Shrimp, Mushrooms, Veggies And Egg

> > This  dish is one of my  “go to”  dishes when contemplating endlessly without resolve in my mind what I will cook for the next meal. Although I am a sucker for real curry, pasta sautéed in curry powder and “stuff” is something I can eat happily any time of the day, as often as twice a […]

Salad Of Chili Shrimp, Chicorée Frisée, Pear And Sun-Dried Tomato (Or Is It A Taco ?)

> > This  morning for breakfast I had leftover pasta from last night, which required a much lighter lunch and no dinner (Maybe a bit of ice cream though 🙂 So, at around noon, off to the fishmonger down the road to get some fresh shrimp and to the supermarket to see what’s available that would […]

Shrimp And Sardines Pie

> > The other day I felt like having pizza.  Or lahmacun.  Or grilled seafood.  Or a nice sardine salad. Or…………. Well, at first I couldn’t make up my mind, but once I opened the fridge and the cupboard, it all came together. The result was this stunner, which was the tastiest seafood pie I’ve ever […]

Corkscrews, Shrimp, Bok Choy and Eggs

> > I recently  came across an article which proclaimed “Pasta actually makes you lose Weight”. Unfortunately, I don’t believe that ANY food I love (I love most 🙂 ) will make me loose weight, especially pasta. Why? Because if I love something, I consume it in excess quantities. But then, a lot of food […]

Shrimp And Potato Salad In Honey/Yogurt Dressing

> > > Once  in a while my friends honor me with gift’s of food 🙂 The gift of choice used to be booze, but nowadays I don’t drink alcohol, so the generosity now manifests itself with gifts of special, sometimes hard to come-by  food 🙂 Last week Dieter brought me two bags with original German-made weisswurst […]