Kalbs Haxe, Semmelknödel, Und Rosenkohl Mit Speck… (Whole-Roast Veal Shank, Brussels Sprouts And Bread Dumplings)

: : : While Bella and I eat pork shank/knuckle/trotter quite often, veal shank, because of it´s price, is more of a “once in a while” treat. As I mentioned before one these pages, veal named “Milk Veal” in Germany can only be from an up to 6 months old calf, therefore it carries a […]

Red Wine-Braised Veal Shank Slice, With Tagliatelle & Yucatan Cebolla En Escabeche On A Crispy Noodle Pillow

: : : While traditional Osso Bucco is one of my favorite meat dishes, this version of braised sliced veal shanks is, in my humble opinion, far superior. First, the crispy noodle pillow adds great texture to the soft texture of the meat. Second, the marinated onions add great umami to the normally quite one-dimensional […]

Beef Shank Soup With Pasta & Ravioli (Rindersuppe Mit Schupfnudeln & Maultaschen)

: : : This soup contains four of my most beloved food-ingredients : Strong, flavorful Beef Broth, Maultaschen (Swabian Ravioli), Schupfnudeln (Swabian Gnocchi), Beef Shank and Grape Tomatoes, ready to burst from the heat.Each of these ingredients can stand at it´s own, but together, they are culinary bliss at it´s best. Serve the soup with […]

Sliced Beef Shanks Braised In Merlot

> Shank’s of beef, veal, lamb, or game is perfectly suitable to be braised slowly in wine. The cooking liquid and gentle heat of slowly simmering breaks down the collagen, producing a wonderful texture and great flavor, unlike any other part of the animal. One can use the shank meat for stews, soups, goulash, bulalo, […]

Potato Soup With Smoked Pork Shanks, Fried Shallots And BBQ’d Corn

> > Am  I the only one who wishes dishes like this would widely be available in restaurants?? I am getting so very tired of seeing the same, mostly mediocre food on most restaurant menus. Of course there are a few exceptions, but these are mostly very high-end and not within reach of most of us […]

Pork Shank’s & Lai Fen In Garlic/Ginger Broth

> > Usually  we use this cut of the animal to make Osso Buco (originally done with veal shanks), but I love me a hearty soup more than anything else, so I decided to prepare this dish with some pork shanks my friend Curtis dropped off last time he came to visit. Great, simple dinner, […]

Smoked Pork Shank

“ “ I cooked  this beauty yesterday for two hours, then let it cool in the stock overnight. Served today for lunch with german potato salad, horseradish, dijon, pickled tomatoes and rustic Italian garlic bread. Simple, but oh so good 🙂 Bon Appetit !   Life is Good ! “ Click here for  German Potato Salad  recipe […]

Smoked Pork Shank, Steamed Cabbage & Sauteed Garlic Potatoes

> > Guess  what I found this morning at publix – smoked pork shank ! Oh happy day 🙂 It made for the perfect Sunday dinner and a great end to a relaxing weekend. Bon Appetit !   Life is Good ! >   > > > > > > > Dear Friend’s, to help […]

Beef Neck And Vegetables Soup

> > > Beef Neck – probably the most underrated cut of beef overall. Simmered for soup or braised in red wine sauce, the texture and taste of this cut is only surpassed by beef shank. On top of that, since few people use it, it is the cheapest of all beef cuts, pound for […]