Grilled Seafood Salad – Baby Octopus, Squid And Shrimp On Romaine In Honey/Lime Yogurt Dressing

> After a recent bout of gluttony during my month in Europe, I have to lose at least the 15 lbs I gained, and if I continue on my present path of eating and drinking sensibly, maybe even shedding at least 20 lbs in the first month, and another 15 during the second month. So […]

Fiery Midnight Snack – Chilli-Noodles With Seafood And Egg

> > Here  is the thing – if yo are able to use anything fresh in preparing food – not frozen, not canned, not otherwise preserved – that’s usually the best way to go (although not always). But, as I have mentioned before, we are not always so lucky as to have access to fresh, unprocessed […]

Ahlbecker Meeresfrüchte Suppe (Ahlbeck-Style Seafood Soup)

> > Back  when my wife Maria and I were owners of Restaurant Gildenkeller in Neubrandenburg, (in the former East Germany), one of our short weekend trips took us to the island of Usedom, which is about an  hours drive by car from Neubrandenburg, where our restaurant was located. I remember the quaint little Inn’s […]

Seafood Snack

> > > Your choice: > $ 3.95 – 1 pack of crappy “Nachos” $ 4.50 – 1 small tub of crappy “Salsa” $ 3.50 – 1 small can of crappy “Cheese Dip” Total: $ 11.95 for a crappy snack 😦 > OR !!! > $ 11.00 – 1,5 lbs snow crab legs $ 6.00 […]

Seafood Salad

> > This  afternoon I went to my fishmonger with the intention to get a fresh trout or a small snapper for a light dinner of fish and salad. What I came away with instead were the following: Caviar, snow crab legs, king crab legs, clams, mussels, shrimp and crayfish. A short trip to the grocer […]

Finkenwerder Meeresfrüchte Suppe – Seafood Soup Finkenwerder Style

“ “ Finkenwerder is part of Hamburg/Germany, famous (culinary wise) for its seafood restaurants. When I was a young cook back in the seventies, I worked part time in one of them (the name escapes me now) The restaurant was very elegant, expensive and beautiful. I remember many of the specialties we cooked there but the […]

Fried Seafood, Creamed Spinach & Tonkatsu Sauce

> > The  secret for the success of this dish is in the seasoned flour/bread crumbs in which to dredge the seafood, as well as frying it in small batches in very hot peanut oil. Mix 1/3 of panko bread crumbs, 1/3 of regular bread crumbs and 1/3 of corn starch. Season with plenty of smoked […]

Seafood In Whole Grain Mustard Cream

> > After  yesterday’s less then stellar lunch experience I needed to get something nice and satisfying for dinner. I still had some seafood from the day before, some button mushroom and small potatoes. Now this was a dish worth paying for 🙂 Season raw seafood  with sea salt and sriracha sauce and saute in […]

Seafood Pizza & Salsa Mexicana

> > > > I just  loved this pizza my friend Leo and I had last night. According to Leo, the best pizza he ever had. (Unfortunately, he is not exactly a food expert, so the verdict is still out 🙂 ) Pizza Dough Recipe Here Toppings : Mascarpone cheese, squid, crab meat, scallions, chili flakes, […]

Late Night Snack: Romaine, Tomatoes, Eggs & Seafood

. . What  a great, tasty snack last night at 1.00 am. Just about three minutes of preparation, but a great, very enjoyable meal  🙂 If you use canned food, just make sure it is of very good quality, a few extra $ will make a big difference in taste, texture and appearance. I used a simple Dijon […]