Beef & Pork Stew with Sausages, Potatoes, Spätzle and Veggies

: : : I LOVE soups and stew of any kind, but served from a pretty serving dish like this will bring even the most simple soup or stew to a higher level 🙂 : Bon Appétit !   Life is Good ! : : Click here to read about  ARROGANCE & NARCISSISM OF THE HIGHEST […]

EASY DOES IT # 35 – Italian Sausages And Bell Peppers

> > > “Sausage & Peppers”  seem to be an American/Italian thing that most of us fail to enjoy and/or appreciate. And of course, there is a good reason……. Sausage and peppers are usually just an afterthought on Italian/American restaurant menus, often using inferior/leftover/stale ingredients, and therefore being treated as food for the fools 😦 […]

Spinach Wrap With Smoked Spicy Sausage, Coleslaw And Black Beans

Before  I started this post today, I googled “Wrap”, to see some comparison to what I had prepared for dinner. To tell you the truth, almost all of them, especially the ones from food chains, look absolutely gorgeous – well balanced with equal amounts of protein, lettuce and other “Stuff” 🙂 The problem??? Almost all these […]

Spicy Sausage And Spinach Congee

> > English – Rice Porridge;  Japanese – Okayu;  Korean – Jukin;  Thai – Jok;  Tagalog – Lugao, Burmese – Hsan Pyok. > In  my own experience, there’s no food more simple and more comforting than a bowl of congee, which is basically just rice cooked with a lot of liquid until it forms a soft porridge. Congee can be enjoyed […]

BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS # 54 – Cheese Polenta With Spicy Italian Sausage And Poached Egg

> > When  I got up early today, the plan was to do some cleaning and shopping and otherwise just hang and enjoy a quiet Easter Sunday, having a couple of sandwiches and some fruit. I opened the fridge with the sole intention to get two apples as breakfast and wait for lunch to have a […]

Easy Does It # 32 – Italian-Style Sausage and Peppers

> > This  dish proves once more that the simple things in live can give us great pleasure. Unfortunately, it can also proof that even the simplest thing can easily be screwed up. I have never ordered this in an Italian restaurant, but I remember well that Maria used to order it often and that […]

Chicken-Noodle Soup With Spicy Sausage And Napa Cabbage

> > So  now that summer is finally over (at least according to the calendar), soups will be on the menu more often to warm our frozen bones (or we could turn the A/C from 72F to 78F ?) 🙂 Anyway, I myself never need an excuse to prepare myself a pot of soup, especially any variation […]

Tomato Soup With Spicy Sausage & Pasta

> > Comfort  food – the moniker say’s it all – it gives you comfort and leaves you in a better state than you were before you consumed it. And the best thing about it is that not only does it make you feel good and satisfied, it usually is also uncomplicated and easy on the wallet. […]

Korv Med Potatis Mos (Swedish Sausage & Potato Puree)

> > One  of the most satisfying meals I had in my entire life I had in 1973 at around 3.00 am in Gothenborg,  Sweden. It was certainly not the fanciest or the most beautiful meal, but it was the first food I had in three days and I was starving…….. It was also the first time I […]

Breakfast Of Champions # 29 – ”Sauteed Italian Sausage, Chorizo, Bok Choy & Cauliflower”

> > I Didn’t  get much sleep last night, so I needed a light but satisfying breakfast at 6.00am. At first I wanted to add some potatoes, but then decided against it in order leave room for later when a nice lunch was called for 🙂 Bon Appetit !   Life is Good ! > […]