Sauerkraut Soup

> > > > If you’ve ever lived in Germany or even just visited for a short time, you know that sauerkraut is everywhere, especially as you go further South. Sauerkraut is surprisingly versatile. At some time not too long ago, before fridges and freezers were found in every household, cabbage was one of the […]

Schälrippchen Mit Sauerkraut Und Bratkartoffeln- Spareribs With Sauerkraut And Sauteed Potatoes

> > I will  not tell you how wonderful, tasty, scrumptious, delicious, ambrosial, appetizing, dainty, delectable, delish, flavorful, flavorsome, luscious, lush, mouth-watering, palatable, savory , sumptuous, succulent, tasteful, tasty, toothsome, toothy, yummy and just far-out super this dish is 🙂 Why not, you ask? Because, if you look at the pictures below and you don’t see it, words can’t help, and […]

Hans’ Pastrami & Sauerkraut On Chiabata

> > Here  you see  the  lunch I enjoyed today, which must be one of the most satisfying sandwiches I have ever prepared  (Or maybe I was just very hungry). In any case, I had these ingredients at home and just put together what I found in the fridge and in the larder. However, in […]

TODAY AT “CHEZ BELLA” – Pork Knuckle (Schweins Haxe)

: : For this most-easy to prepare, super delicious meal, just simmer one large knuckle in salt and pepper-seasoned water (about 2 to 3 hours) until tender, but NOT falling apart. DONE ! 🙂 Serve with mustard and / horseradish, rustic bread, sauerkraut, sauteed potatoes, dumplings, or whatever tickles your fancy. 🙂 : Bon Appétit […]

Chicken Döner Kebab

> > One of the first Exotic” dishes that had established itself in Germany after the mass-migration of millions of “Gastarbeiter” (Guest-Workers) from Italy, Turkey, Greece, and Yugoslavia in the 60’s, was the Turkish “Döner” (Doner Kebab). It was unlike any other dish we had seen before, a huge spear of layered meat and fat, slowly […]

Hans’ Pork Goulash With Peppers & Pasta Pearls

> > > Goulash is my favorite meat stew, no matter which protein is used – beef, veal, pork, poultry or game. The texture, color, and flavor have great appeal to me. While there are of course different ways of preparing goulash, as well as different recipes, the main mark of a good goulash is […]

My Trip To Germany And Spain

. Dear Friends, Here is a short report of my trip to Germany and Spain, which lasted from September 13th to October 13th. When I planned the trip, I made a huge mistake by not booking a direct flight to Cologne. The original plan was to fly to Munich, rent a car there and travel […]

Schnitzel vom Schweinerücken „Zigeuner Art“

> >> > One of my first childhood memories involving food is about Schnitzel. When visiting a restaurant with my parents in my earliest years, more often than not at least one person of the family/group at the table ordered a schnitzel, sometimes everybody. There was a wide variety of schnitzel available, even in the most […]

Szegediner Gulasch (Székelykáposzta / Székelygulyás)

> > Szegediner Gulasch  ( Krautgulasch) is a pork goulash (gulasch) prepared with sauerkraut and sour cream. It probably originated in the Austrian/ Vienna cuisine. (Pork is not typically used for goulash in classic Hungarian cuisine). The Austrian/German name Szegediner Gulasch is probably misleading since the Hungarian name for the (Austrian) dish does not connect to the city […]