The Buffalo – The Sandwich That Puts Most Others To Shame……….

> > Yes  friends, I really believe that this is one of the best sandwiches one can hope to find in today’s landscape of often-times overwrought, senseless concoctions. While not as spectacular to look at as, let’s say, a five inch high monster loaded with 20 different ingredients, nor as expensive as a foie gras […]

Open-Faced Chicken Sandwich

> > There  are chicken sandwiches – and then there is THIS chicken sandwich ! 🙂 When I made the sandwich, I almost stopped after adding the tonkatsu sauce and the sliced tomatoes to the baguette, because that by itself already looked good enough to eat. (Next time I crave a tomato sandwich, this will be […]

Sandwich Cubano

> > Many  years ago, in the seventies and early eighties, whenever I was spending time in Florida, partying about town nightly in Fort Lauderdale (home port for RVL)  and Miami (home port for RCCL), the “Cubano” was a welcome midnight snack, when, many a night, its substantial mass and rustic deliciousness saved me and my friends from drowning […]

Steak Sandwich – Boss Level

> > If  you come to my house and I offer you a sandwich, don’t except two limp slices of wonder bread with mayo and a few thin slices of mystery meat…… Rather, expect something like the following goody 🙂 > Bon Appetit !   Life is Good ! > > > > > > […]

Obatzda (Bavarian Cheese Sandwich – Boss Level)

> > Sadly,  most of us will not be able to attend the real  Oktoberfest  in  Munich  this month 😦 So, to help you dream about actually being there in person, here is one of the quintessential dishes one might consume together with a  Maß Bier  (or  even a few Maß )  at the Oktoberfest  or any other beer-garden, or, […]

Easy Does It # 25 – Griddle Ham & Cheese Sandwich

> > Let’s  face it and admit to the truth – no matter how passionate we are about good food, not all meals we consume must be and can be culinary masterpieces or be completely homemade in order to make us happy. In cooking, as with love, sometimes a loving hug will do it instead of a few […]

Steak Salad Sandwich

> > Combine  a good steak, some greens, grilled sour dough bread smeared with herb & garlic boursin and a few more goodies and you have yourself a delightful, quick and easy to prepare dinner, as I did this late afternoon. > Bon Appetit !   Life is Good ! > > > > > > […]

Open Faced Octopus Salad Sandwich

> > The  question might be, was this a salad or was it a sandwich? I am not so sure, probably it was both, rolled into one blissful lunch. One thing however I am sure of – it was absolutely delicious. While devouring it I was reminded of the old custom of soaking up the salad dressing with […]

Bologna & Cheddar Sandwich – Boss Level

> > If  you’ll have a sandwich, you might as well make a good one ! This one certainly qualifies 🙂 > Bon Appetit !   Life is Good ! > > > > > P.S. You might want to stop after step 3 – “gratinate until golden” and just enjoy one of the best […]

Bragging Alert !!! Best Turkey-Leftovers Sandwich – Ever !

> > It is my firm believe that leftovers should be as good as the original dish it derived from. Yesterday I prepared this sandwich and I am convinced that not only is it the best left-over turkey sandwich, but also one of the best turkey dishes overall, period 🙂 I usually prepare other dishes from […]