Herring Salad – (Heringsalat) – (Sillsallad) – (Shuba – Селедка под шубой)

  : : : At a time when “Regional” and “Ethnic” cuisine has spread all over the World and most of them have reached the far corners of our Planet, a large part of restaurant-goers consider themselves experts of some, or even many, different ethnic/regional cuisines. Sadly (naturally), most experiences of these wannabe-experts come from […]

Easy Does it # 39 – “Tuna Salad”

: Pls don´t miss the link at the bottom of this page for a truly “different” cooking tutorial …… : : : : This salad is probably ? the first “Main Course Salad” that ever hit a restaurant table, way back then. In the meantime, it has been re-invented/improved a million times, with the ingredients […]

Salad Of Smoked Beef, Gouda, Egg, Avocado, Cucumber And Tomato In Herb Vinaigrette, Served With Taralli

: : : Here we have another “empty out the fridge salad” that could have not been more delicious, pretty and appetizing, even if I tried  🙂 Its been said a million times, yet it still holds the truth : When you cook, the most important ingredients for a dish are a bit of knowledge […]

Cheese & Tomato Salad – Heirloom Tomatoes, Gouda, Radish, Onion, Basil And Scallion In Herb Vinaigrette

: : : Originally, I named this salad “Summer Salad” when I prepared it in August. But now, summer has passed around here and we are in deep autumn. Most tree leaves have changed from bright green to a golden brown, and the temperatures at night have dropped to a chilly 5 °C . However. […]

A Rare Occasion – “Entrecôte Saignant, Avec Salade Verte À La Française” (Rare Strip Steak With French Style Green Salad)

: : : : : Usually, I don´t fancy my red meat cooked rare. Medium rare is more to my liking. However, today I woke up with a craving for a rare steak. This craving stayed with me until noon, and when it was time to prepare lunch, I decided to give-in and have a […]

Veggie Salad With Chanterelles & Poached Eggs

: : BUT FIRST, THIS : . : : One of the reasons I moved from Florida back to Germany (besides the Hurricanes) was the fact that I loathe Floridas heat and humidity ( Lets not even mention the traffic). On the other hand, here in Germany, while we are at the hight of summer, […]

Sautéed Veal Liver with Thai Chili-Vinegar Sauce, Sautéed Oyster Mushrooms, Scallions and Grape-Tomatoes & Potato-Cucumber Salad

: : : Ever since I moved back to Germany and I found out that the VEAL which I remember from my youth and my apprenticeship is still widely available in Germany, as well as in most other European countries, I buy veal at least once a week ( I love any part/cut of the […]

Northern Wolf Fish With Dill-Mustard Sauce, Garlic Potatoes, Tsatsiki & Seaweed Salad with Trout-Caviar

: (Sautierter Steinbeißer mit Dill-Honig Sauce, Knoblauch-Kartoffeln, Tsatsiki und Seetang Salat mit Forellenkaviar) : : : When you look at the cooked fillet in this post, you might think that the fish is way overcooked, because the longer you cook certain fish, the more of this white gunk will come to the surface. However, this […]

Steak Salad # 2153

: : : While I crave for steak at least once or twice a week, I can´t say the same for salad, although I absolutely love a good salad. However, STEAK SALAD (or SEAFOOD SALAD)  I can happily eat daily. Of course, the meat/seafood must be combined intelligently with ingredients which enhance the dish, not […]