Tlaxcaltotopochtl Y Ensalada De Camaron Con Aguacate

> “Totopos With Shrimp And Avocado Salad”. . The name  totopo  comes from the Aztec word tlaxcaltotopochtl. It is a combination of the word for a tortilla, tlaxcalli, and the word for thunder. Combined, it means “tortillas that are noisy to chew”. Originally, totopos are prepared with corn tortillas. They can be fried, as I have done here, or baked […]

Steak Salad – Recipe # 1379

Paintings below, including all the paintings displayed in the living room, are by Hans Susser (Soupi) >     > > > Since I got old, occasionally my mind starts wandering aimlessly all over the place, sometimes I’ll get these “WOW” moments, when I realize the obvious………. 🙂 . Such as this bonbon : “When I create […]

Another Day, Another Wonderful Salad (Plus A Great Grilled Chicken Breast)

> In my ongoing (and admittedly, so far not very successful) quest for a more healthful lifestyle, I do eat a lot more vegetables and salads. Unfortunately, most of the time when I choose a healthy dish for one meal, I offset the good effect with a not so healthy dish for the following meal. […]

Salad & Bread

> “Spinach Salad with Grapefruit Filets, Shrimp, Avocado and Grape Tomatoes, dressed with Honey/Citrus Vinaigrette, accompanied by Garlic/Chili Pita Bread” > Once in a while, “just” a salad is all I want for lunch. Today was such a day and this salad satisfied all the needs and wishes I had for such a lunch. Light, […]

Shrimp Cakes, Avocado Salad, Dill-Yogurt Sauce

> While  my stomach tells me that the larger the shrimp, the more I love the dish, my wallet sometimes pulls back the reins and tells me to take it easy 😦 So last week when I went to the store to buy shrimp for this dish, these small salad shrimp for $7.75 a pound […]

And The Oscar Goes To …………This Salad

> > > No – I did not watch the Oscars tonight. In fact, although I am a huge movie fan who watches at least one movie per day, often two and sometimes three, I stopped watching the once glamorous and exciting Oscars years ago, when it had become a boring, extremely drawn-out and pointless […]

Salad Of Smoked Salmon, Avocado And Egg

> > When I got up this morning, I had a big craving for egg salad. During the day, in my head, I kept adding ingredients to the egg salad until finally, when it was time to prepare early dinner, this yummy concoction materialized 🙂 Very simple and straightforward, yet a real delicious and pretty […]

Steak Salad Recipe # 91

> > Today’s  dinner salad was pretty special for me, because it contained six of my favorite food items – endive, pears, Gorgonzola, garlic, shiitake mushrooms and Entraña (faux hanger steak). While the shiitake might not seem a good fit for a salad at first glance, they turned out to be a perfect fit with the rest of […]

Not Your Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner ……..Shrimp And Potato Salad

> > So  here I was on a Thanksgiving afternoon, coming home at 4.30 pm, hungry but absolutely not  in the mood to do the turkey thing just for Bella and myself. But you see, being alone has the distinct advantage that tradition and customs can be ignored at will in ones own four walls, […]

Fried Chicken With Potato Salad

> > This  dish does not need  a lengthy, flowery introduction, ’cause, what could be more familiar, appetizing and, at the same time, easier to prepare than fried chicken. Especially when it’s done the American way as opposed to the European way. Classically and in the European style, fried chicken is breaded with a simple breading […]