Salade De Gésiers (Romaine and Red Onions In Tarragon Vinaigrette, With Chili Gizzards & Honey Garlic Yogurt)

> > > As loyal readers of ChefsOpinion, by now you know of my love of innards and lesser cuts of animals – feet, heart, necks, liver, tails, kidneys, tripe, marrow, tongue,etc. I fully understand that not everybody is a fan, but on the other hand, many people are. Today’s featured salad contains chicken gizzards, […]

Arugula & Crab Salad In Yogurt Dressing

> > > Lately, I eat a lot of salad as a main course, any time of the day, even for breakfast if I have leftovers from the previous day. The key to a great leftover salad to enjoy the following day is to look at the total quantity of all ingredients BEFORE you add the green […]

Salad Of Endive & Chili Chicken

  > > This was such a pleasant salad to enjoy early in the day. The colors, flavors and lightness of its ingredients brightened the rest of my day and gave me a wonderful, guilt-free lunch. (I am still working on losing some of the many pounds I added while in Argentina. So far it’s […]

Banana And Cranberry Salad With Homemade Sugar-Free Banana Ice Cream

> > > If you are prepared, life (cooking) is easy ! 🙂 I usually have some sort of frozen dessert in my freezer for my (too frequently happening) sweets-craving-attacks. More often than not, it’s some sort of frozen banana dessert, as it was this afternoon. I always have fresh bananas and dried cranberries in […]

Fried Camembert With Avocado Salad, Salsa Verde, And Crisp Romaine Leaves

> > Seems like everybody loves fried camembert, yet few folks actually prepare it at home. Which is a mystery to me, since it is really quick and easy to prepare and it is versatile – it can be served as an appetizer, a main course or as a snack. Best of all, it is very economical. […]

Pièce De Résistance – Salade “l’Italien”

  > During the past three weeks, I have lost the 15 lbs I had gained during my trip to Europe. Although I eat what I want every day, my choices are guided by common sense. I do eat starch and protein, but the portions are a lot smaller than one would usually find on my […]