Easy Does It # 38 – Slow Roast Crispy Duck, Creamed Spinach, Pommes Croquettes & Red Wine Jus

: : : When you read the title of this post and then see the final dish, you might wonder – whats easy about this ? 🙂 Let me assure you, everything is ! 🙂 The total preparation time is only about 20 minutes, although the total cooking time is more like 4.5 hours, give […]

Kalbs Haxe, Semmelknödel, Und Rosenkohl Mit Speck… (Whole-Roast Veal Shank, Brussels Sprouts And Bread Dumplings)

: : : While Bella and I eat pork shank/knuckle/trotter quite often, veal shank, because of it´s price, is more of a “once in a while” treat. As I mentioned before one these pages, veal named “Milk Veal” in Germany can only be from an up to 6 months old calf, therefore it carries a […]

The Idiots Guide To Perfect Roast Goose

: : : When I was a young kid, roast goose was my fathers culinary pride. He would order one from the neighbors (nearly all were farmers) once or twice a year, then he would roast it on a Sunday morning in the wood-fired oven in our kitchen, basting it with it´s own juices for […]

Pork Nirvana – “Schweinebraten Mit Kartoffelsalat & Bratensaft” – (Roast Pork With Potato Salad & Jus)

: : : : First of all, a word of warning: This is NOT your typical American-or Latin –style, super-long cooked roast pork. This is German / Bavarian-style roast pork, very juicy (no need to drown it in sauce to be able to swallow it), very delicious pork with a wonderful texture, more like a […]

Roast Chicken Thighs With Grape Tomatoes In Yogurt Dressing

    > > > While a whole roast chicken is a wonderful thing, my regular grocery store now charges about $ 10.00 for a medium-sized bird (tax included), which makes it just too expensive in my opinion (Not the $10.00 itself, but the fact that a supermarket now can charge $10.00 for a simple, […]

Roast Pork Butt Sandwich (Gebratene Spanferkelkeule Mit Brot)

> > > This  sandwich is as German/Austrian as can be. Roasted, juicy, tasty pork, rustic bread, good mustard and the pan jus from the roast. End of story 🙂 Now, if this would be a typical, old-fashioned “American Style Sandwich”, it would probably be as follows: Tasteless, soft, soggy wonder bread or a tasteless, […]

Roast Cornish Hen With Caramelized Onions And Potatoes (Best Potatoes EVER?)

> > Upon first glance, one’s impression would be that the Cornish Hen is the star of this dish. While this is certainly the case in the looks-department, when it comes to taste, these potatoes do steal the show. (But of course, the Cornish Hen is awesome as well) 🙂 First, the potatoes and onions are […]

Roast Duck – Part Two – “Duck Soup With Rice Sticks And Baby Bok Choy”

> Duck and noodles – what’s not to like about that ? 🙂 Since I prepare roast duck often, duck soup is naturally on the menu just as much. Even just a few bones, skin, scraps, innards and the neck from one duck, added to chicken or vegetable stock and seasoning, is enough to prep […]

Roast Duck – Part One – “Duck With Dirty Noodles”

> Last week I came across a special at my grocery store –   $ 10.50 for a whole duck, compared to the usual price of around $17.00 for the same size bird. Of course, I bought two, because duck – anytime 🙂 After I defrosted the first one, I realized that it might be […]

Roast Cornish Hen With Hearty Veggies (5/60 Dish)

< This is one of those dishes I call a  “5/60 Dish“, which, especially for a home cook, are the most rewarding in terms of the ratio of time and effort to final delicious result. It simply means that it will only require 5 minutes of preparation and 60 minutes of total time, from the start of prepping […]