Beef Ribs Braised With Blueberries And Merlot, Served With Mafaldine & Pangrattato

> > > Blueberries in a beef-braise? If I didn’t know better, I would probably have rejected that idea too. But of course, I’ve cooked a similar dish before, so I am familiar with it. The reason blueberries are being used in a beef sauce is that when you need a good amount of sauce […]

Goan Tandoori Pork Ribs With Aloo Palak

> > Goan food is much influenced by the Portuguese, so the ingredients and seasoning often differ a bit from the usual Indian suspects. In the 70’s I spend a few months in Goa, living in cheap housing right on the beach. If one was able to forego typical western luxuries such as A/C, running water […]

Pork Ribs And Lotus Roots In Tamarind Broth (Sinigang Na Baboy)

At least once a month it’s sinigang-time at my house. The protein I use most often is pork, but sometimes I use shrimp (Sinigáng na Hipon), fish (Sinigáng na Isdâ), beef (Sinigang na Baka) or chicken (Sinampalukang Manók). One can use any part of the pig for sinigang, but my personal favorite cuts are the ribs and/or […]

Best ! Ribs ! Ever !

> Here is a rib recipe that will take your Memorial Day BBQ (or any other BBQ day) to the highest level 🙂 While the marinade consists of a whole bunch of ingredients, there is nothing exotic or unusual about them and most of us who like to cook have these sauces/seasonings already in their […]

Braised Beef Back Ribs With Glazed Baby Rainbow Carrots

> All chef’s, once in a while : WTF did I come in here for ??? 🙂 > > Once in a while, I come across an unbelievable food bargain that I just MUST buy; these ribs are a typical example. I had to go downtown Miami this morning, so on the way back home, […]

Schälrippchen Mit Sauerkraut Und Bratkartoffeln- Spareribs With Sauerkraut And Sauteed Potatoes

> > I will  not tell you how wonderful, tasty, scrumptious, delicious, ambrosial, appetizing, dainty, delectable, delish, flavorful, flavorsome, luscious, lush, mouth-watering, palatable, savory , sumptuous, succulent, tasteful, tasty, toothsome, toothy, yummy and just far-out super this dish is 🙂 Why not, you ask? Because, if you look at the pictures below and you don’t see it, words can’t help, and […]

Broiled Beef Ribs With Chimichurri And Hasselback Potato

> > Since  I don’t have an outside grill anymore, I “grill” (broil) all my grill dishes in my oven under the broiler on high heat. Cooking for myself only, this works great for me, it gives me the sought-after “Maillard Reaction”, requires no lengthy grill preparation and on top of all, saves a lot of cleaning effort 🙂 […]

Stir Fried Boneless Beef Ribs And Asparagus In Hoi Sin Sauce

> > I bought  these beauties to put them on the grill, but I had steak often lately so I changed my mind and prepared this tasty dish instead. I am glad I did, because it just hit the spot and left me happy with the choice I made. Just goes to show – the first […]

Hans’ Buffalo Ribs

> > Another  exciting use for my homemade buffalo sauce are these delectable pork ribs – tender, spicy and easy to prepare. (And easy on the eyes, I might add 🙂 This preparation is also wonderful if you use beef ribs instead of pork ribs, either roasted slowly until medium rare or braised for hours until well done and VERY […]

Short Ribs, Bok Choy, Shiitake And Noodles In Spicy Ginger/Garlic Broth

> > Soup!  – God’s gift to comfort food 🙂 I wonder how many different soups I have eaten in my life and how many different noodle soups in particular. And still, I never get tired of preparing and eating yet another version of this wonderful food category. Soup, to me,  never get’s old. To the contrary, I can […]