Pork Nirvana – “Schweinebraten Mit Kartoffelsalat & Bratensaft” – (Roast Pork With Potato Salad & Jus)

: : : : First of all, a word of warning: This is NOT your typical American-or Latin –style, super-long cooked roast pork. This is German / Bavarian-style roast pork, very juicy (no need to drown it in sauce to be able to swallow it), very delicious pork with a wonderful texture, more like a […]

Lunch Quickie – Smoked Salmon, Spicy Potato Salad And Sunny Side Up Eggs

When contemplating what to prepare for a combined breakfast/lunch today, I found that I had some leftover cooked potatoes, leftover “cebollas en escabeche” (escabeche de cebollas) and a packet of smoked salmon. Within less than 10 minutes, this gorgeous dish was ready on the table. Bella and I were happy and content, and cleanup was […]

Not Your Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner ……..Shrimp And Potato Salad

> > So  here I was on a Thanksgiving afternoon, coming home at 4.30 pm, hungry but absolutely not  in the mood to do the turkey thing just for Bella and myself. But you see, being alone has the distinct advantage that tradition and customs can be ignored at will in ones own four walls, […]

Fried Chicken With Potato Salad

> > This  dish does not need  a lengthy, flowery introduction, ’cause, what could be more familiar, appetizing and, at the same time, easier to prepare than fried chicken. Especially when it’s done the American way as opposed to the European way. Classically and in the European style, fried chicken is breaded with a simple breading […]

Black Pudding And Potato Salad Turnovers…..(Schwäbishe Teigtaschen Mit Blutwurst, Kartoffelsalat Und Röstzwiebeln)

> > These  pretty babies are a happy concoction of some of my beloved food items : Blutwurst ( black pudding/blood pudding/morcilla), Swabian potato salad (schwäbisher kartoffel salad), röstzwiebeln (smothered or fried onions), good quality mustard, fiery chilies, and thin sheets of dough to wrap it all and bake to crispy goodness. 🙂 > Bon Appétit !   Life […]

Shrimp And Potato Salad In Honey/Yogurt Dressing

> > > Once  in a while my friends honor me with gift’s of food 🙂 The gift of choice used to be booze, but nowadays I don’t drink alcohol, so the generosity now manifests itself with gifts of special, sometimes hard to come-by  food 🙂 Last week Dieter brought me two bags with original German-made weisswurst […]

Panko Coated Flounder Fillet With Shrimp And Cucumber-Potato Salad

> > While  I am a great fan of traditional breaded fish fillets, this version, without the egg as part of the breading, is more suitable for a thin and delicate fish fillet such as flounder. Adding the finely diced peppers and sliced scallions to the panko-crumbs give the fish added flavor, while adding rice flour to the […]

EASY DOES IT # 24 – Potato Salad

> > This  potato salad is a far cry from the one I usually make at home, which is “Schwäbischer Kartoffelsalat” (Swabian Potato Salad), which does not contain Mayo or any other “stuff” besides potatoes, onion, stock, salt, pepper, oil, vinegar and sometimes herbs and/or bacon. This one is a VERY different baby, but just […]

Garlicky Shrimp Brochettes & Potato Salad In Dijon Mayonnaise

. . Early  evening dinner before going to sleep and back to another happy work week.  (Do I have to mention I was NOT  the lucky winner of the $ 6 million Jackpot ?) I wonder, if I would have won, would I go to work tomorrow………… Anyway, back to reality and a great meal. I […]

Sautéed Veal Liver with Thai Chili-Vinegar Sauce, Sautéed Oyster Mushrooms, Scallions and Grape-Tomatoes & Potato-Cucumber Salad

: : : Ever since I moved back to Germany and I found out that the VEAL which I remember from my youth and my apprenticeship is still widely available in Germany, as well as in most other European countries, I buy veal at least once a week ( I love any part/cut of the […]