TODAY AT “CHEZ BELLA” – Sauteed Seabass & Potato Salat

: : : Today, I satisfied my craving for fresh fish by sharing 2 lbs of fillet with Bella. Normally, this amount of fish fillet would easily serve four, but since we only had a small amount of potato salad with it, and we both only have one meal per day, the portion was not […]

TODAY AT “CHEZ BELLA” – Boiled Beef With Dill-Potatoes & Horseradish-Sauce – (Gekochtes Rindfleisch Mit Meerrettich Sauce & Dillkartoffeln)

: : : The reason why I love  Traditional German Food  are dishes like the one featured today, which is nearly impossible to find on a menu of any restaurant, anywhere 😦 So, as usual, when the craving scratches, switch-on the stove 🙂 : Bon Appétit !   Life is Good ! : : Click here […]

Sautéed Cubed Striploin Steak, With Potatoes, Carrots & Onions

: : : While I usually LOVE a thick, juicy steak, on this occasion I craved a more complex meat dish, so this baby popped into my head. While it was a different steak experience than usual, it was nevertheless a delicious and very satisfying meal, full of flavor and textures. It was, of course, […]

Запечённая курица с картофелем, луком и паприкой (Braised Chicken With Potatoes, Peppers And Onions)

: : : A few days ago I invited my cleaning lady to join me for lunch, since I just finished preparing lunch and had plenty to spare. When she saw the casserole, she happily proclaimed that this dish looked exactly like her families favorite chicken dish, which she remembers fondly from her childhood when […]

Beef & Pork Stew with Sausages, Potatoes, Spätzle and Veggies

: : : I LOVE soups and stew of any kind, but served from a pretty serving dish like this will bring even the most simple soup or stew to a higher level 🙂 : Bon Appétit !   Life is Good ! : : Click here to read about  ARROGANCE & NARCISSISM OF THE HIGHEST […]

Sautéed Veal Liver with Thai Chili-Vinegar Sauce, Sautéed Oyster Mushrooms, Scallions and Grape-Tomatoes & Potato-Cucumber Salad

: : : Ever since I moved back to Germany and I found out that the VEAL which I remember from my youth and my apprenticeship is still widely available in Germany, as well as in most other European countries, I buy veal at least once a week ( I love any part/cut of the […]

Beef Stew With Potatoes, Peppers And Tomatoes

: : : The original dish I wanted to cook was Hungarian Goulash, which is one of my favorite dishes. However, when I started to gather the ingredients, I realized that I did not have enough onions and paprika powder, not enough thyme leaves, lemon peel and caraway seeds in my pantry. Since I did […]

Northern Wolf Fish With Dill-Mustard Sauce, Garlic Potatoes, Tsatsiki & Seaweed Salad with Trout-Caviar

: (Sautierter Steinbeißer mit Dill-Honig Sauce, Knoblauch-Kartoffeln, Tsatsiki und Seetang Salat mit Forellenkaviar) : : : When you look at the cooked fillet in this post, you might think that the fish is way overcooked, because the longer you cook certain fish, the more of this white gunk will come to the surface. However, this […]

Pork Nirvana – “Schweinebraten Mit Kartoffelsalat & Bratensaft” – (Roast Pork With Potato Salad & Jus)

: : : : First of all, a word of warning: This is NOT your typical American-or Latin –style, super-long cooked roast pork. This is German / Bavarian-style roast pork, very juicy (no need to drown it in sauce to be able to swallow it), very delicious pork with a wonderful texture, more like a […]

Chicken & Potatoes – Boss Level

> > > Not much more can be said about a well-prepared chicken and potato dish that I haven’t said before on these pages (follow the 2 links below), except that, as usual, the method of infusing the potatoes with the juices and fat from the chicken while they cook on top of each other […]