Pork Ribs And Lotus Roots In Tamarind Broth (Sinigang Na Baboy)

At least once a month it’s sinigang-time at my house. The protein I use most often is pork, but sometimes I use shrimp (Sinigáng na Hipon), fish (Sinigáng na Isdâ), beef (Sinigang na Baka) or chicken (Sinampalukang Manók). One can use any part of the pig for sinigang, but my personal favorite cuts are the ribs and/or […]

Cornmeal-Dusted Sauteed Pork Ribs

> > So who decided that the only good ribs are BBQ’d Ribs ?! Once you have tried these here knock-out babies, you might be hooked on this very different spin on one of Americas favorite pork cut’s. I for one prefer this preparation to the traditional way of barbequing ribs. This way you will actually be […]

Asian Style Glazed Pork Ribs With Fermented Black Bean Sauce

> > This  dish will suit everybody with a taste for Asian flavors but no great desire to spend a lot of time prepping food in the kitchen 🙂 Although this will take about 3 – 4 hours to cook, the actual prep-time is only about 10 minutes, the rest is waiting patiently for the ribs to […]

Pork Ribs & Rice Noodles Soup

> > I was  tempted to call this dish  “Kluay Teaw Moo Toon”, but then I remembered that Mirandi of the “High Heel Gourmet is coming by at ChefsOpinion sometimes and how fierce she is about authentic Thai  recipes. (I REALLY don’t want to get her mad 🙂 All jokes aside, this dish is  definitely Thai inspired. […]

Guajillo Chile & Rum Spiced Pork Ribs

. . Pork rib craving – gotto give in to it 🙂 However, you’ve got to plan this well, because when the craving start’s, it will take another 9 hours of slow cooking time before you can eat your rib’s. And so it goes: Make a paste of  “Brugal” rum, kosher salt, guajillo chile, granulated […]

” Braised Pork Ribs With Fermented Black Bean Sauce “

. . Today I wanted to use my newly purchased glass cooking vessel, “guaranteed stove top save” Well, it might have been be save from talking or painting or other such mundane undertakings, but it certainly was not save from exploding into a thousand pieces. So much for ” guaranteed warranties ” . ( Kind […]

” Pork Ribs Soup With Long Life Noodles “

. . I hope the name I gave this soup say’s it all : “Spicy soup of pork ribs, long life noodles, corn, bamboo shoots, quail eggs and lap cheong“. Highly satisfying culinary goodness in a (BIG) bowl.   🙂 . . . Ingredient’s : Pasta,                     […]

” Baked Pork Ribs “

Last nights dinner. If you slowly simmer the ribs until they tender, they stay wonderfully moist inside and you have a great broth for your next soup. Then make a tasty sauce with the pictured ingredients, smother the ribs all over and bake at 375 for 45 minutes. Bon Appetit !     Life is […]

Braised Beef Back Ribs With Glazed Baby Rainbow Carrots

> All chef’s, once in a while : WTF did I come in here for ??? 🙂 > > Once in a while, I come across an unbelievable food bargain that I just MUST buy; these ribs are a typical example. I had to go downtown Miami this morning, so on the way back home, […]

Pork Sinigang (Sinigang na Baboy)

Yesterday  I had a long-standing wish fulfilled 🙂 (Mind you, there are “BIG WISHES” in life and then there are “small wishes” This was a small wish, but nevertheless, I am happy that it finally came through) For years, I wished there’d be a good Filipino restaurant in my neighborhood, but there is only one […]