Pork Chop “Parisienne” With Orzo Al Pomodoro

This wonderful dish is comfort food at its finest. (Obviously, pork chop is alway’s a hit with most folks, and so is pasta, so there is probably no argument here). However, this dish up’s the ante another step by prepping the chop “à la parisienne”, as well as transforming the simple orzo into a flavorful and […]

Grilled Pork Chop, Caramelized Lemon, Baked Potato And Mast-O Klar

> > To  all the wannabe “Chefs” out there who insist that pork, poultry and fish has to be undercooked to be juicy – look at this piece of well-cooked pork, then please go back to school/apprenticeship and let a REAL chef teach you how to cook !!! As Chef Susser used to say: Cooking is […]

Pork Sinigang (Sinigang na Baboy)

Yesterday  I had a long-standing wish fulfilled 🙂 (Mind you, there are “BIG WISHES” in life and then there are “small wishes” This was a small wish, but nevertheless, I am happy that it finally came through) For years, I wished there’d be a good Filipino restaurant in my neighborhood, but there is only one […]


> > Click here for  “Pork And Noodles In Two Parts – Part One”  on  ChefsOpinion < Well  dear friends, here now is part two of “Pork And Noodles In Two Parts”. As I’ve explained in part one,  “Crisp Yi Mein Noodle Pillow With Fiery Chile Pork” was not planned to exist in its final form, but […]

Pork And Noodles In Two Parts – “Part One”

> > Usually , I prepare one dish with enough ingredients  to last me for two meals, then just re-heat the left-overs for the next meal, which I intended to do this time as well. I made a large pot of soup for lunch, enjoyed two bowls of it and then proceeded to put the left-overs in separate […]

Potato Soup With Smoked Pork Shanks, Fried Shallots And BBQ’d Corn

> > Am  I the only one who wishes dishes like this would widely be available in restaurants?? I am getting so very tired of seeing the same, mostly mediocre food on most restaurant menus. Of course there are a few exceptions, but these are mostly very high-end and not within reach of most of us […]

“WhatAPig” – Pork & Peppers On Baguette

> > Every  so often, a quick sandwich is all I need to satisfy my culinary cravings. The range of sandwiches I enjoy is wide and spans from a simple ham & cheese sandwich to the most elaborate lobster roll, foie gras on toast and anything in-between. Today I feasted on such a typical “in-between” sandwich […]

Pork, Cabbage & Chili Noodles

> > Ahhh,  the refreshing, liberating, exciting, sinus-clearing effect of eating a dish as spicy as one can handle. The key here is – “as spicy as one can handle” !  (Hot as hell in my case) To season something beyond a level of spiciness which is comfortable and enjoyable would not make sense – but to […]

Braised Pork Belly In Ginger, Garlic & Soy

> > Braised  pork belly – one of the finest culinary blessings God has bestowed upon us 🙂 I like to prepare pork belly in many different versions, both Western style and Asian style (one of them being the famous Hong Shao Rou),  but one of my most-loved variation is the one featured here. It resembles Hong Shao […]

Cheese-Coated Pork Chop With Garlic-Broccolini And Charred Peppers

> > Today’s  lunch proved once again that the old adage “simple is better” still holds the truth. (If done right) . The clean, fresh taste of the broccolini, supported by the sweetness of the caramelized garlic and the light acidity of the pickled, charred peppers makes this a side dish well worth it’s praise. Combine […]