Black Plum Torte With Caramelized Black Plum-Compote (Schwarze-Pflaumen Kuchen Mit Karamelisiertem Schwarze Pflaumen-Kompott)

> > > Of all fruit cakes my Mom used to bake, Plum cake was the one she baked most often. We owned some land with plum trees and apple trees on them, so these two fruits, and dishes made of them, (and liquor, “Apfel Schnaps” and “Zwetschken Geist”) were the most common in our […]

Powidl Mit Pfirsich (Plum Chutney With Peaches)

> > > Here is another delicious plum recipe I want to share with y’all 🙂 Powidl has its origin in Poland (powidła or powidło) and the Czech republic (povidla), from where it went on to Austria and Germany and other European countries. Powidl was traditionally made without additional sweeteners or gelling agents and was mostly eaten […]

Black Plum Bread Pudding

> > 5  Reasons We Love Plums By Erika Freeman > 1. “Plum” is often used to describe a deep purple hue, but in fact plums come in a wide spectrum of colors, such as black, yellow, red, pink, even green. 2. Dark plums (purple, black) are full of anthocyanins and proanthocyanidins, antioxidants that give […]

Buttermilk Pancakes With Caramelized Black Plums

> > I am  supposed to eat as much fresh fruit as possible, so here we go with a wonderful way of preparing fresh plums. The pancakes? Not using refined sugar in the batter helps me feel less guilty than otherwise…….. 🙂 > Bon Appetit !   Life is Good ! > P.S. Usually I […]

Tilly’s Eierlikör (My Mom’s Eggnog)

> > > Eggnog is the first alcoholic beverage I ever tasted in my life. (When I was a kid growing up in the 50’s, there was no “alcohol free” eggnog in our neck of the woods (why bother ???)  🙂 Most kids got their first  sip !!!  at around age four (first sip of red […]

Shrimp And Rice Stick Pillows With Peanut Sauce And Sweet Chili Sauce

> Last night on my way home I stopped at a Vietnamese restaurant where I used to eat pho. I stopped eating there because of the tiny portions (see my post about it by clicking this link:  ….Pho…. Knowing that I would be disappointed by the skimpy pho, I placed my hope into an order of […]

Stir Fried Squid, Udon Noodles And Bok Choy In Oyster Sauce ( Yakiudon)

> > There are few dishes more comforting and satisfying than a bowl of noodles with a rich sauce or in a tasty soup – either by itself or with other “stuff” thrown in, such as any kind of vegetables, mushrooms, eggs and any protein such as pork, chicken, duck or seafood. While for me, any noodle […]

Sexy Legs – Glazed Honey/Sriracha Chicken Legs

> > Yesterday I was at the supermarket at 4.00 pm considering what to buy to prepare dinner when I realized I did not feel like cooking dinner but just have a sandwich or fried chicken from the take-out counter. As I was standing in line for the chicken, it dawned to me what a fool I was, […]

Food Glossary & Classic French Garnishes

> > > > 1) English/French Food Glossary 2) Classic French Garnishes / Descriptions —————————————————————— 1 English/French Food Glossary > ? A À emporter (adj) to go (as opposed to sur place, for here). À l’ancienne old-fashioned, as in une baguette à l’ancienne. À point (adj) medium rare. Abats (m. pl.) offal. Abricot (m) apricot. Addition (f) check/bill. Agneau (m) lamb. Agrume (m) citrus. Aiguillette (f) in a bird (mostly […]


> > May 2015 “BUTTERMILK PANCAKES WITH CARAMELIZED BLACK PLUMS“ > >To display the calendar on your computer screen : > download the calendar of your choice to your desktop, > right-click on the image, > choose the option that says, “Set as Desktop Background”, (exact wording will depend on the browser you use).If the image does not […]