Movie Time – Pizza Roll Time

> > Yesterday  evening, looking  forward to binge-watch the final four episodes of season one of “The Crown” on  Netflix, I got settled into my favorite chair, with a bucket of peach iced tea on ice next to me and a dish of pizza-rolls in the oven. Twenty minutes into the first episode, the rolls were ready. […]

Naan “Pizza”

> > I love  to make pizza from scratch. I used to make it at least once or twice a month, mostly making my own dough, sometimes using fresh dough I bought at my favorite pizzeria. However, since I now live in a small apartment, with a small kitchen which has the counter space the size of […]

Strawberry And Chocolate Pizza

> > > > Some  years back I run a few hotels as Executive Chef in Mexico. One of our hotels had three beach restaurants, one of them a sandwich shop which I converted into  a pizza restaurant. Pizzas right on the beach were of course a great hit, especially at night. Two of the menu-options consisted […]

Mushroom Pizza With Edamame

> > Today  I had to catch-up with the chores I neglected during the week. Since this made for a very busy day, there was not much time to cook a fancy lunch, so a quick and easy dish was in order. This pizza fit the bill perfectly. Quick, easy, “lecker” 🙂 Bon Appetit ! […]

Pizza With Mushroom, Gorgonzola, Gruyere, Tomato, Onion & Arugula

> > Tonight,  my culinary enthusiasm was a bit limited by my lack of sleep last night. ( I went to sleep early at 11.30 pm, but Bella thought 2.30 am was a good time to get up, so she pestered me until I gave in and took her for a walk at 2.45 am. […]

Shrimp, Anchovies & Brie Cheese Pizza

> > I have come up with a great system to support my craving for unusual pizzas at unusual times.  About once a week, when I have a little extra time ( and energy), I make a small batch of pizza dough, wrap it tightly in plastic film and put it in the fridge.  When […]

Seafood Pizza & Salsa Mexicana

> > > > I just  loved this pizza my friend Leo and I had last night. According to Leo, the best pizza he ever had. (Unfortunately, he is not exactly a food expert, so the verdict is still out 🙂 ) Pizza Dough Recipe Here Toppings : Mascarpone cheese, squid, crab meat, scallions, chili flakes, […]

Pizza With Anchovies, Mascarpone, Tomato & Egg

> > I did  not feel like having an elaborate meal tonight, so this quick and easy to prepare pizza was all I wanted for dinner. I actually had some pickled artichoke hearts in the fridge but I forgot to use them. Even without the artichokes, it was a very enjoyable, filling and satisfying dinner. Looking […]

Asparagus & Brie Pizza

. . Pizza, beer and good company. Great evening with friends, good music and (mostly) intelligent conversation 🙂 Life is Good ! . > > Ingredient’s : Dough: A/P flour,   2 cups (plus more for kneading) Water,   3/4 cup, warm Active dry yeast,   1 envelope Sugar,   1 teaspoon Olive oil,   3 […]

” Naan, Brie & Vegetable Pizza “

Indian, Italian, French, “CON-fusion”    :- ) This was soo delicious ! Light, tasty, crispy; fun, easy and quick ! Bon Appetit ! Life is Good !