Pigs Tail And Potato Curry, Naan & Cucumber Raita

> > Some folks are probably scratching their head, going “WTF” (what he food 🙂 ) when reading this. But hey, I love pigs tail and curries of any style. Pigs tails – not everybody’s cup of tea                                read about […]

Pig’s Tail Souse

: : How  many folks have actually tried pig’s tails? Not many in this part of the world I assume. In my opinion, pigs tails are one of the best parts of the pig, but sadly underutilized in the  “civilized world”, were we tend to discard secondary cuts or feed them to the animals (lucky […]

Congee With Smoked Pig’s Tails & Vegetables

. . Rice Porridge. First thing that comes to mind is probably baby food or hospital gruff. Most folk’s would never think of ordering it from a menu in a restaurant, much less wake up and crave it for breakfast, if they hadn’t tasted or at least seen it before. Now, let’s try again : Congee. Lúgaw. […]

” Smoked Pig’s Tail, Bow Ties & Vegetable Stew “

. . In my opinion, pig‘s tails are the second best part of the whole pig, right after the cheek’s. I prefere them brined and simmered, served with a good mustard and sour dough bread. However, I found those smoked ones at my neighbor hood store and what better way to enjoy them then in […]

Confession Of An PT Addict

> I confess ! I am a lifelong PT addict, ever since I was a child and my mother fed me my first dose of PT ……… I will eat PT (pig’s tails) with gusto, in whatever guise you set them before me – braised in soy sauce, salted, fried, in stews, souse, soups, or […]

Naan “Pizza”

> > I love  to make pizza from scratch. I used to make it at least once or twice a month, mostly making my own dough, sometimes using fresh dough I bought at my favorite pizzeria. However, since I now live in a small apartment, with a small kitchen which has the counter space the size of […]

Pied De Cochon

> > ANYTHING  sounds better in french ?! 🙂 I used to call my wife “Mon Petit Chou”, which sounds perfectly sweet and romantic in french. Translated, it’s “My Little Cabbage” :-(. Not as sweet and romantic, no doubt. Same with my dinner today : “Pied De Cochon – which translates into “Pig’s Trotters”, one […]

Curry Ribs

. . This  recipe uses my standard curry base/sauce, of which I always have a few containers in the freezer. You can of course make any type of curry base in which you braise your ribs, but this dish is pretty easy and fast to prepare when you start out with a great, readily prepared base/sauce […]

Bombay Vegetable Omelette

> > Although  most egg dishes which I have encountered in India and Pakistan use hard-boiled eggs, this dish, which I make often when I have some leftover curry sauce in the fridge, seems to capture (for me) the spirit of Indian and Pakistani breakfast dishes I had in hotels and private homes while living […]

Metzelsuppe Mit Grießklößchen

> > Of  the thousands of readers and followers of ChefsOpinion, I am sure only a small handful will be familiar with this dish. To all others, I highly recommend this if you are a lover of hearty fare, especially now during the winter months. Metzelsuppe, Schlachtsuppe, Metzel Supp, Kesselsuppe – the proper translation would be […]