Pimentón En Crema (Peppers In Cream)

: : : A week ago I bought a large bag of fresh, beautiful peppers at my neighborhood Turkish grocery store. Since then, I have eaten most of them, usually grilled and served as a side dish to meat or seafood, with tzatziki as a dip. Today I needed something to accompany my dumplings, and […]

“The Ultimate Mushroom Sandwich” – Sauteed Rock Oyster Mushrooms With Grape-Tomatoes & Peppers, Goat Cheese Spread With Sun-Dried Tomatoes, And Fried Onions, Tsatsiki, Cilantro, And Arugula On Greek Bread

: : : Since I have moved from the US back to Germany a few months ago, I have re-discovered many food-items from my youth in Germany, which I had not seen for many decades. One of them is this Greek bread (Prosimi), which, way back then, our neighbor in Gechingen offered to us kids often. […]

Запечённая курица с картофелем, луком и паприкой (Braised Chicken With Potatoes, Peppers And Onions)

: : : A few days ago I invited my cleaning lady to join me for lunch, since I just finished preparing lunch and had plenty to spare. When she saw the casserole, she happily proclaimed that this dish looked exactly like her families favorite chicken dish, which she remembers fondly from her childhood when […]

German Veal-Burger with Garlic/Herb Butter, Gnocchi, Peppers & Onions

: : : I have made dozens, maybe even hundreds, of honest attempts to love the American Burger – unfortunately, most of the time, my honest attempts have failed miserably. 😦 This includes restaurants of all price points, even when, because of its simple nature, most burgers are consumed in simple joints. (I don´t want […]

Beef Stew With Potatoes, Peppers And Tomatoes

: : : The original dish I wanted to cook was Hungarian Goulash, which is one of my favorite dishes. However, when I started to gather the ingredients, I realized that I did not have enough onions and paprika powder, not enough thyme leaves, lemon peel and caraway seeds in my pantry. Since I did […]

Vacio (Beef Loin Flap), Sauteed Banana Peppers, Cherrie Peppers Relish and Mashed Avocado With Peruvian Salsa Ají Amarillo

> > > Vasio. This is yet another cut of beef which is not usually utilized for steaks outside of South America. Yet, if you visited South America and had a chance to sample it, you might agree with me that this is one of the best steaks in regards to texture and flavor. . […]

Baked Atlantic Cod Fillet, Cauliflower, Sweet Cherry Peppers And Capers In Lemon & EVO

> > > When I was growing up in the  Black Forest  in Germany, there were only two species of fish I experienced – the native Trout ( Bach Forelle ), which was available fresh in nearly every single restaurant, and  Cod , which was the most affordable ocean fish, available fresh at most fish shops in the bigger towns […]

Parmesan Crusted Sautéed Pork Medallions, With Potatoes, Bell Peppers And Crimini

> > > Pork tenderloin – so versatile, tasty and wonderfully textured. What’s not to love about this “other white meat” 🙂 However, make sure you cook it to a safe temperature without overcooking it. Frankly, I don’t understand the trend to cook pork medium or even medium rare. Besides the obvious health risk, medium […]

Grilled Shrimp And Peppers-Brochette With Red Wine-Bucatini And Pangrattato

> > > While grilled shrimp is a dish that is well known to most of us, pasta cooked in red wine is probably less known/experienced by most folks, even those who are fans of pasta in all shapes and tastes 🙂 I for one have cooked pasta in red wine a few times, many […]