Pasta Salad With Salmon, Shrimp And Pesto

> > This  flavorful seafood pasta salad has been a favorite in my house for many years. It’s great at any time of day, as an appetizer, lunch , dinner or as a snack in between. (The leftovers from today will probably serve as late breakfast tomorrow morning). The warm salmon in the salad makes all the difference. If […]

Pasta Salad With Squid And Sun-Dried Tomatoes

> > Conventional  wisdom dictates that squid (Calamari) for salad should be cooked in liquid or steam. Not so, say I 🙂 I am of the opinion that squid when done in liquid lack enough taste and texture to add interest to a salad. In my opinion, coating the squid with a mixture of corn starch […]

Steak And Pasta Salad With Pickled Onions

> > Some  of us “Tough Guy’s” might feel a bit dainty when out with our buddies and would like to actually have “just a salad, please” 😦 Well, boys and girls, not with this baby, I’ll guarantee ! Here we have  “just  a salad” for every real man and every real woman, anytime and anyplace. […]

Seafood & Pasta Salad

> . I came  home from work early today and the weather outside was just gorgeous . What better than a book, ice tea and a cool  seafood  salad that can be prepared in a few minutes. Great afternoon, recharged my batteries and feel wonderfully relaxed. Now it is time for a new post, then dinner […]

Herring Salad – (Heringsalat) – (Sillsallad) – (Shuba – Селедка под шубой)

  : : : At a time when “Regional” and “Ethnic” cuisine has spread all over the World and most of them have reached the far corners of our Planet, a large part of restaurant-goers consider themselves experts of some, or even many, different ethnic/regional cuisines. Sadly (naturally), most experiences of these wannabe-experts come from […]

Grilled Calamari Salad With Frisee And Israeli Couscous

> > > While the old standby of fried calamari can be a wonderful dish, what one usually gets in a run of the mill restaurant are rubbery, underseasoned, overbreaded,  tasteless poor cousins of the real deal. On the other hand, grilling them is much easier, less labor intensive, less costly (all the frying fat) […]

Grilled Seafood Salad – Baby Octopus, Squid And Shrimp On Romaine In Honey/Lime Yogurt Dressing

> After a recent bout of gluttony during my month in Europe, I have to lose at least the 15 lbs I gained, and if I continue on my present path of eating and drinking sensibly, maybe even shedding at least 20 lbs in the first month, and another 15 during the second month. So […]

Salad Of Chili Shrimp, Chicorée Frisée, Pear And Sun-Dried Tomato (Or Is It A Taco ?)

> > This  morning for breakfast I had leftover pasta from last night, which required a much lighter lunch and no dinner (Maybe a bit of ice cream though 🙂 So, at around noon, off to the fishmonger down the road to get some fresh shrimp and to the supermarket to see what’s available that would […]

Shrimp & Glass Noodle – Salad

> > Glass noodles are the ideal canvas for pasta salad. They keep their texture even when kept as leftovers for a few days, which is perfect when you live alone and usually cook way too much for one meal, (as I do), even with a dog who will eat it’s fair share of whatever I cook […]