Hans’ Pork Goulash With Peppers & Pasta Pearls

> > > Goulash is my favorite meat stew, no matter which protein is used – beef, veal, pork, poultry or game. The texture, color, and flavor have great appeal to me. While there are of course different ways of preparing goulash, as well as different recipes, the main mark of a good goulash is […]

Hoisin Chicken With Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta And Cherry Bomb Peppers

> > > First of all – calm down, don’t be scared, hold your horses, don’t panic ! Despite their vicious name, “cherry bomb peppers” (sometimes just called “cherry peppers”), are not very hot at all, registering at just 2500 to 5000 Scoville heat units (SHU). (Think jalapeno). They can be red, yellow or green […]

Smithy’s Beef Rib Soup With Spinach And Pasta (Rinder Suppe Von Der Rippe, Mit Spinat Und Pasta)

> When all else fails, this soup will make you feel better………(Just ask Smithy)  🙂 If you prefer, replace the linguini with any type of pasta, potatoes, or rice. . P.S. If you don’t like to use chopsticks, break the linguini (or any other type of long pasta) into small pieces before cooking. > Bon […]

“Blanquette De Veau” (And Please, Don’t Judge Me By The Color Of My – Pasta!)

> In all my years living in the USA, I have never seen this dish on any restaurant menu. Growing up in Germany, it was very common and popular, served in many restaurants and homes. If I had to describe the type of food this is, I would say “sophisticated home cooking”. Full of flavor and […]

Pasta & Love / Love & Pasta

> > > So this is what happened last night – I was working on this post for ChefsOpinion. While processing the pics from the day’s dinner, I came across this sign of love (I did NOT arrange this before I took the pics). Not only does it look like a heart, it also resembles […]

Announcing The Grand Prize Winner Of The “2017 Baked Stuffed Pasta World Cup”

> > Ok,  ok, – just kidding. Its only day 2 of 2017, and there is no  2017 “Baked Stuffed Pasta World Cup”, so I made it up 🙂 However, if there were such a thing as the “2017 Baked Stuffed Pasta World Cup”, I would like to believe that this dish would have won in the […]

Jägerschnitzel Vom Huhn Mit Pasta Und Schmelze – Chicken Cutlet Hunter Style

> > I just  have come across some debates about what constitutes a “true” Jägerschnitzel, so I’d like to put that to rest, right now, right here, with some authority on the subject (easy now !) 🙂 After all, I grew up  in Swabia in Southern Germany, where, during my youth, schnitzel were one of the […]

Curried Pasta With Shrimp, Mushrooms, Veggies And Egg

> > This  dish is one of my  “go to”  dishes when contemplating endlessly without resolve in my mind what I will cook for the next meal. Although I am a sucker for real curry, pasta sautéed in curry powder and “stuff” is something I can eat happily any time of the day, as often as twice a […]

Pasta With Sun-dried Tomato/Cashew-Pesto And Ricotta

> > Question : Who love’s a bright-green, traditional, heavenly aromatic basil pesto? Answer :    Just about everybody does, that’s who. (Including myself) However, for my very own personal taste, I prefer to pair traditional pesto with light and airy gnocchi, while I love to marry a rustic pasta like penne rigate, rigatoni, farfalle or bucatini with a more […]

Pasta Salad With Salmon, Shrimp And Pesto

> > This  flavorful seafood pasta salad has been a favorite in my house for many years. It’s great at any time of day, as an appetizer, lunch , dinner or as a snack in between. (The leftovers from today will probably serve as late breakfast tomorrow morning). The warm salmon in the salad makes all the difference. If […]