Buttermilk Pancakes With Caramelized Black Plums

> > I am  supposed to eat as much fresh fruit as possible, so here we go with a wonderful way of preparing fresh plums. The pancakes? Not using refined sugar in the batter helps me feel less guilty than otherwise…….. 🙂 > Bon Appetit !   Life is Good ! > P.S. Usually I […]

Buttermilk Pancake With Merlot-Poached Pears And Merlot Cream

> > > While I have used the traditional ingredients for this pancake, I have changed the ratio of eggs to flour considerably. This resulted in what I think is a “real” pancake, by which I mean it is a cake, baked in a pan 🙂 If you look at the close-up of the cut […]

Vanilla Crepes With Caramelized Blackberries & Pomegranate Seeds

> One has to wonder: Why are sweet or savory crepes not on everybody’s table at least once a week ??? I can’t recall to ever have met anybody who’d claim not to like crepes, either in its sweet or savory form, or both. Crepes can be prepared easily by anybody, even by a child […]

Berries And Cream Pound Cake

> > > > So  I woke up early today and the first thing that came to my mind was food – sweet food with lots of fruit, to be precise. I went to the store to see what’s available and got home with some great raspberries and blueberries. First I was thinking pancakes, but I […]

Blackberry Waffles With Vanilla Cream

> > I had  these a couple of days ago and I had waffles again this morning (bacon waffles). Waffles – my new Addiction 😦 🙂 I have made them with raspberries, bacon, shrimp, crab meat, caramelized apples, shredded chicken and caramelized onions. They are so versatile and never disappoint. Just make sure that when you […]

Belgian Buttermilk Waffles With Fresh Raspberries, Yogurt And Honey

> > Today  I rolled breakfast and lunch into one yummy, satisfying brunch by preparing these special treats. Waffles were served on special occasions at our home when I was a kid. It was one of the dishes my dear Mom excelled on preparing. Eating and enjoying them today made me wonder why I did not prepare waffles more […]

Breakfast Of Champions # 51 – Blueberry Buttermilk Pancake With Fresh Pomegranate Yogurt

> > Getting  out of bed in the morning sucks ! 😦 Getting out of bet in the morning to this sweet beauty sucks less 🙂 > Bon Appetit !   Have A Wonderful Day 🙂 > > More  “Breakfast Of Champions” > More  “Pancakes” > > > > > > > > > Preparation : To […]

Food Glossary & Classic French Garnishes

> > > > 1) English/French Food Glossary 2) Classic French Garnishes / Descriptions —————————————————————— 1 English/French Food Glossary > ? A À emporter (adj) to go (as opposed to sur place, for here). À l’ancienne old-fashioned, as in une baguette à l’ancienne. À point (adj) medium rare. Abats (m. pl.) offal. Abricot (m) apricot. Addition (f) check/bill. Agneau (m) lamb. Agrume (m) citrus. Aiguillette (f) in a bird (mostly […]

Latkes With Caramelized Nectarines

> > Latkes, kartoffelpuffer, reibekuchen, potato pancakes, bramborák, draniki – a hundred different countries, a hundred different names for the same amazing potato dish. Jewish in origin, it has found its way into a myriad of other cuisines were it has become a beloved dish of longstanding tradition. Potato pancakes are very popular in Europe and particularly in Germany, […]

Raspberry / Cheese Blintzes

> > While  cheese blintzes are traditionally made with thin pancakes, I like to make my stuffed blintzes a bit more substantial and therefore make the batter a bit thicker and spread it in the pan more thick, (between the thickness of a crepe and a dutch-pancake). I also don’t usually eat them as snack or […]