Red Wine-Braised Veal Shank Slice, With Tagliatelle & Yucatan Cebolla En Escabeche On A Crispy Noodle Pillow

: : : While traditional Osso Bucco is one of my favorite meat dishes, this version of braised sliced veal shanks is, in my humble opinion, far superior. First, the crispy noodle pillow adds great texture to the soft texture of the meat. Second, the marinated onions add great umami to the normally quite one-dimensional […]

Baby Octopus In Black Bean/Oyster Sauce On A Crisp Egg Noodle Pillow

> > > Visiting my Asian food store is such a great food shopping experience. I usually go to stock up on sauces, Asian noodles, special veggies and the occasional specialty item I can’t find at my regular hunting grounds. However, as it is usually the case when I go shopping for “just a few […]

Crispy Fried Noodle Pillow With Braised Pork Belly In Oyster Sauce

> > If  there is a heaven, ( I know for sure that there is a hell), I believe this dish will be served there at least once a month………. Crispy fried noodles and braised pork belly – a match made in heaven, available for us sinners now – down here on earth, no less 🙂 […]

Fried Tomato-Noodles Pillow

> > I did  not intend to post this dish when I started preparing it. After all, what can be so special about some re-heated leftover tomato pasta. But then I thought maybe I am on to something. So, instead of just re-heating the pasta with a bit of butter and a few drops of stock […]

Shrimp And Rice Stick Pillows With Peanut Sauce And Sweet Chili Sauce

> Last night on my way home I stopped at a Vietnamese restaurant where I used to eat pho. I stopped eating there because of the tiny portions (see my post about it by clicking this link:  ….Pho…. Knowing that I would be disappointed by the skimpy pho, I placed my hope into an order of […]


> > Click here for  “Pork And Noodles In Two Parts – Part One”  on  ChefsOpinion < Well  dear friends, here now is part two of “Pork And Noodles In Two Parts”. As I’ve explained in part one,  “Crisp Yi Mein Noodle Pillow With Fiery Chile Pork” was not planned to exist in its final form, but […]

Pork And Noodles In Two Parts – “Part One”

> > Usually , I prepare one dish with enough ingredients  to last me for two meals, then just re-heat the left-overs for the next meal, which I intended to do this time as well. I made a large pot of soup for lunch, enjoyed two bowls of it and then proceeded to put the left-overs in separate […]

Crispy Noodle Cake & Ginger/Garlic Shrimp

> > I usually  shy away from crispy noodle cakes in asian restaurants because it can be a bit messy to eat when you are with company, but I love to prepare it at home, where I can use fork, knife, hands, chopsticks, or whatever else I need to pull it apart. I actually prefer […]

Angel Burger

> > If  mc donald would serve this thing, I would be there twice a week.What a difference to the usual boring, crappy patty in a bun. This one was spicy, crunchy, tasty, exciting. It combines some of my favorite ingredients, all in one bite : Noodle pillow, brie cheese, hoisin sauce, spicy italian sausage, vine […]