Chicken Tandoori/Naan Sandwich

> > > This tandoori chicken sandwich needed no simple or fancy condiment to elevate it. The chicken was very juicy, very tender and VERY tasty. Usually, I would serve this with raita, sliced onions, sliced tomato, sliced cucumber, a few spritz of fresh lime, plain yogurt, finely sliced cabbage slaw, or any other addition […]

Naan “Pizza”

> > I love  to make pizza from scratch. I used to make it at least once or twice a month, mostly making my own dough, sometimes using fresh dough I bought at my favorite pizzeria. However, since I now live in a small apartment, with a small kitchen which has the counter space the size of […]

Tandoori-Style Chicken Drumsticks With Pickled Onions And Naan

> > Some  of my favorite food-memories from my time living in Karachi, Pakistan, were the many wonderful dinners Maria and I had at the rooftop restaurant of our hotel, the ” Avari Towers,Karachi“. Sadly, I understand that this restaurant has been converted into a steak restaurant by now ( after all, its been nearly […]

BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS # 47 – Smoked Salmon On Naan

> > What  better way to start a day ?  – A wonderful breakfast, followed by a two hour walk around the lake. Bella had a great start too – same breakfast, then she spotted three squirrels on our walk, which absolutely made her day (both the salmon, which she ate and the squirrels, which she chased) […]

Breakfast Of Champions # 36 – Naanwich

: : A great  way to start a relaxing saturday at home with a couple of good movies, some good reading and lots of great food is to have a hearty breakfast of bubbly and a wonderful sandwich. Here is what I fancied for a late breakfast by the lake this morning (besides a glass […]

Bone-In Rib Eye, Naan With Gorgonzola, Tomato & Walnut

> > This  morning at work Gene and I were talking about steaks and how great a good steak would be for lunch. Well, don’t just talk about it, do it ! S0 I went to the market and bought two great bone-in rib eyes, 80 oz in total weight. After work, straight home and put […]

Pigs Tail And Potato Curry, Naan & Cucumber Raita

> > Some folks are probably scratching their head, going “WTF” (what he food 🙂 ) when reading this. But hey, I love pigs tail and curries of any style. Pigs tails – not everybody’s cup of tea                                read about […]

Gorgonzola Gratinated Skirt Steak, Tomato & Aparagus On Naan

. . Friday  night’s dinner is one of these typical dishes that are only concocted when the hunger for a BIG dinner is already gnawing in our gut’s and nothing small and simple will satisfy the hunger disturbed imagination of what the next meal must be like. So here we go, a dinner that will […]

” Naan, Veal Ribs & Other Stuff “

> < Last  night’s dinner made me realize that I eat a lot of comfort food which does not necessarily fall into a specific group or cuisine. Sometimes, just raiding the fridge without a grand plan and simply putting some stuff together on the fly does produce some great dishes. This was one of them : […]

” Naan, Brie & Vegetable Pizza “

Indian, Italian, French, “CON-fusion”    :- ) This was soo delicious ! Light, tasty, crispy; fun, easy and quick ! Bon Appetit ! Life is Good !