Northern Wolf Fish With Dill-Mustard Sauce, Garlic Potatoes, Tsatsiki & Seaweed Salad with Trout-Caviar

: (Sautierter Steinbeißer mit Dill-Honig Sauce, Knoblauch-Kartoffeln, Tsatsiki und Seetang Salat mit Forellenkaviar) : : : When you look at the cooked fillet in this post, you might think that the fish is way overcooked, because the longer you cook certain fish, the more of this white gunk will come to the surface. However, this […]

Poached Cod Fillet With Whole-Grain Mustard Sauce And Pomegranate Pilaf

> > > Cod – (Kabeljau / Dorsch / タラ Tara / Morue / Bacalao / smk alqadi / Treska / Turska / Γάδος Gádos / Kele / Torsk / треска, etc, etc. 🙂 . Until a few short years ago, cod (kabeljau), and especially cod in mustard sauce was a very popular dish in Europe. It was very cheap, tasted great, […]

Breakfast Of Champions # 72 – Fried Eggs And Bacon With Currywurst Sauce

: : : Now that I am back living in Germany again, there is always a jar with currywurst sauce in my fridge. I use this wonder sauce not only for traditional currywurst, but also on sandwiches instead of mustard and on other dishes, veggies, BBQ, eggs, etc. I admit that this looks a bit […]

Sauteed Pork Chops & Penne In Mustard Cream

> > Today  I got up early (7.00 am) and was determined to do exactly as I had planed last night – sort-out long overdue paperwork, do some spring cleaning, walk for hours with Bella on the beach and eat nothing but salad and fruits. Well, I guess all of this will have to wait at […]

Pasta With Smoked Salmon In Horseradish/Mustard Cream

> > Rigatoni rigate,  smoked salmon and a creamy velouté – nearly impossible not to like this combination ! 🙂 After we have learned how to make a velouté in my last post, (click here for recipe), and hopefully have a few small containers in the freezer to use at short notice (just defrost in the microwave), wonderful dishes […]

Seafood In Whole Grain Mustard Cream

> > After  yesterday’s less then stellar lunch experience I needed to get something nice and satisfying for dinner. I still had some seafood from the day before, some button mushroom and small potatoes. Now this was a dish worth paying for 🙂 Season raw seafood  with sea salt and sriracha sauce and saute in […]

Sauted Scallops & Shrimp In Whole Grain Mustard Cream

> > Tonight  I wanted to have something comfortable, belly warming, traditional, for dinner.  I realize that seafood in mustard sauce might not sound traditional to some younger folks out there, but when I was a youngster, fish and other seafood in various types of mustard sauce was a commonly found item on many restaurants […]

Tonkatsu & Dipping Sauce

> > Tonkatsu !  Sounds exotic and foreign ? Rightfully so. However, tonkatsu is a common japanese dish, usually served with shredded cabbage and a worcester based dipping sauce. But, if you take the japanese name and replace it with the english name, what you get is ” breaded pork cutlet”. In this version I […]


I have prepared gravlax a thousand times over the years, starting at the beginning of the 70’s when I worked in  Torekov/Sweden  for the first time, and usually, it comes out perfect, or at least close to perfect. It is one of those dishes which actually require an effort to mess it up. So every […]

Gravlax Dinner

“ “ Tonight  I finally got to eat the gravlax I prepared last week. What a great tasting piece of fish. Of course, what makes it perfect is the accompanying dill/mustard sauce, without which a gravlax is not complete. Many restaurants nowadays serve gravlax with all kind of fancy sauces and condiments, which might seem […]