“The Ultimate Mushroom Sandwich” – Sauteed Rock Oyster Mushrooms With Grape-Tomatoes & Peppers, Goat Cheese Spread With Sun-Dried Tomatoes, And Fried Onions, Tsatsiki, Cilantro, And Arugula On Greek Bread

: : : Since I have moved from the US back to Germany a few months ago, I have re-discovered many food-items from my youth in Germany, which I had not seen for many decades. One of them is this Greek bread (Prosimi), which, way back then, our neighbor in Gechingen offered to us kids often. […]

Sautéed King Oyster Mushrooms with Pommes Dauphinoise (Sautierte Kräuterseitlinge mit Kartoffel-Gratin (Pleurotes Du Panicaut)

: : : I feel so lucky to be in Germany during the mushroom season. Mushrooms are so affordable right now, you can buy them by the basket for a few € and really pig-out without putting a dent into your wallet. I prepare different varieties at least three times a week, and still, I […]

Sautéed Veal Liver with Thai Chili-Vinegar Sauce, Sautéed Oyster Mushrooms, Scallions and Grape-Tomatoes & Potato-Cucumber Salad

: : : Ever since I moved back to Germany and I found out that the VEAL which I remember from my youth and my apprenticeship is still widely available in Germany, as well as in most other European countries, I buy veal at least once a week ( I love any part/cut of the […]

Schwäbishe Späzlepfanne Mit Pfifferlingen (Swabian Pasta & Chanterelle Mushrooms)

: : : There are three Chanterelle dishes for which I would leave just about any dish in the World behind (At least for a day or two 🙂  ) : “Chanterelles in Cream with Bread Dumplings” (Pfifferlinge in Sahnesauce mit Semmelknödel) : “Chanterelles with Lamb´s Lettuce and Crispy Bacon” (Pfifferlinge mit Feldsalat und Knusprigem […]

Black Mushrooms, Seafood Mushrooms, & Bok Choy In Oyster Sauce

> > > When I was a child, (many decades ago  🙂 , I, like most kids, hated nearly all vegetables with a passion. Later, grown up and being a professional cook, I realized early on that this was no fault of the poor veggies, but entirely the fault of our mothers, who usually cooked […]

Flaming Hot Chili Chicken Noodle Bowl With Broccolini And Straw Mushrooms

> > < OK,  while you let this sink in, let’s move on to today’s featured dish : < > If  you are not used to VERY hot food, don’t try these noodles ! If you love bland and boring noodle dishes, don’t try these noodles ! If you don’t want to open your mind and […]

Gnocchi With Broccolini And Mushrooms

> > Here  is another simple, hearty and delicious dish that I prepare often, since gnocchi and broccolini are some of my favorite ingredients to a happy meal. Add cheese, mushrooms, butter and pangrattato and you’ll end up with the dish pictured here 🙂 However, if you are not a fan of any of these ingredients – […]

Curried Pasta With Shrimp, Mushrooms, Veggies And Egg

> > This  dish is one of my  “go to”  dishes when contemplating endlessly without resolve in my mind what I will cook for the next meal. Although I am a sucker for real curry, pasta sautéed in curry powder and “stuff” is something I can eat happily any time of the day, as often as twice a […]

Stir Fried Flower Mushrooms, Bok Choy And Carrots In Hoi Sin Sauce

> > This  is my all-time favorite meatless entrée. I used to special-order this in Chinese restaurants which Maria and I frequented, but now I hardly go out anymore, so special orders are not something I want to bother the chefs with in places where I only show up once in a blue moon. So, I prepare […]

Grilled Beef Tenderloin With Parmesan-Roasted Mushrooms

> > Usually, I don’t eat beef tenderloin anymore. It has become prohibitively expensive and most of the time I prefer the texture of bone-in rib eye anyway. However, yesterday was my time of the month (to go to my Argentine butcher). One of the specials he offered was the most beautifully aged, grass-fed beef tenderloin for a great […]