Black Mushrooms, Seafood Mushrooms, & Bok Choy In Oyster Sauce

> > > When I was a child, (many decades ago  🙂 , I, like most kids, hated nearly all vegetables with a passion. Later, grown up and being a professional cook, I realized early on that this was no fault of the poor veggies, but entirely the fault of our mothers, who usually cooked […]

Flaming Hot Chili Chicken Noodle Bowl With Broccolini And Straw Mushrooms

> > < OK,  while you let this sink in, let’s move on to today’s featured dish : < > If  you are not used to VERY hot food, don’t try these noodles ! If you love bland and boring noodle dishes, don’t try these noodles ! If you don’t want to open your mind and […]

Gnocchi With Broccolini And Mushrooms

> > Here  is another simple, hearty and delicious dish that I prepare often, since gnocchi and broccolini are some of my favorite ingredients to a happy meal. Add cheese, mushrooms, butter and pangrattato and you’ll end up with the dish pictured here 🙂 However, if you are not a fan of any of these ingredients – […]

Curried Pasta With Shrimp, Mushrooms, Veggies And Egg

> > This  dish is one of my  “go to”  dishes when contemplating endlessly without resolve in my mind what I will cook for the next meal. Although I am a sucker for real curry, pasta sautéed in curry powder and “stuff” is something I can eat happily any time of the day, as often as twice a […]

Stir Fried Flower Mushrooms, Bok Choy And Carrots In Hoi Sin Sauce

> > This  is my all-time favorite meatless entrée. I used to special-order this in Chinese restaurants which Maria and I frequented, but now I hardly go out anymore, so special orders are not something I want to bother the chefs with in places where I only show up once in a blue moon. So, I prepare […]

Grilled Beef Tenderloin With Parmesan-Roasted Mushrooms

> > Usually, I don’t eat beef tenderloin anymore. It has become prohibitively expensive and most of the time I prefer the texture of bone-in rib eye anyway. However, yesterday was my time of the month (to go to my Argentine butcher). One of the specials he offered was the most beautifully aged, grass-fed beef tenderloin for a great […]

Rösti With Mushrooms In Cream

> > Life  is all about the crispy bits………….. 🙂 Most folks would probably agree with this statement, especially when we’re talking food, and of course especially when we are talking fried, baked or sautéed  potatoes. And, in my own, humble opinion, of all the great potato dishes, the undisputed king is “Rösti”. Crispy on the […]

Mushrooms And Udon Noodles In Oyster Sauce

> > It seems  to me that the biggest return (culinary bliss and satisfaction) for the smallest investment (time, money and work) was, is and always will be, the preparation of food. While there are of course very expensive, time-consuming, complicated and labor intensive dishes to be had, the majority of great food can be […]

Grilled Tenderloin With Mushrooms And Cannellini Beans

< > Although  I have cut back on my consumption of red meat, I still crave a rare steak once in a while. Tenderloin is not usually my cut of choice (that would be bone-in rib eye), but my Argentinian butcher had a special of grass-fed, cleaned and trimmed beef tenderloin for 26.85 per pound. […]

Sauteed Pork Medallions With Mushrooms And Pasta

> Link to :  “Hans’ Lighter, Healthier Comfort Food” > > This  is a dish straight out of my childhood, yet after all these years, it still has the same appeal to me which it had then (or maybe even more) . Everything just falls into place – pasta, tomato sauce, parmigiano reggiano, sautéed mushrooms, […]