Calamares Al Ajillo, Arroz Mexicana Y Frijoles Negro

: : : This was such a down to earth, yet wonderfully delicious meal. Well-prepared rice and beans are something I enjoy at least twice a week. But not just the simple black beans and white rice common here in the Caribbean, South America and South Florida, but many, many combinations of different rice and […]

Torta De Camarones (Lonche) (Mexican Shrimp Sandwich)

> > While  in most parts of the world and in many languages “Torta” or “Torte” is generally understood to be a sweet concoction, it can also describe a sandwich, made with flatbread or a leavened bread, depending on the country/region of origin. > > Wiki excerpt: “Mexican Sandwich In Mexico, a torta is a kind of sandwich, […]

Mexican Treasures – Guacamole, Escabeche De Cebolla, Salsa Mexicana

> > For  me, these three condiments are not to be missed to accompany any Mexican-style meal I prepare at home. In my opinion, they also fit very well with a wide range of dishes of non-Mexican cuisine from around the world. They pair nicely with steaks, schnitzel, sandwiches, salads, meat, seafood, vegetables, eggs, etc. In fact, I usually have at […]

Milanesa Mexicana

“ “ Playing with food 🙂 Green, white and red – very easy to come up with a real Mexican dish using the  mexican flag  colors.  ¡ Buen Provecho !    ¡ Viva México! “ “ Click here for  Guacamole  recipe “ Click here for  Salsa Mexicana  recipe “ “ “ “ “ “ “ […]

Breakfast Of Champions # 32 – Milanesa Mexicana

> > This  exact dish was my daily breakfast staple for a few months back in 1975, when I spend extended time vacationing in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. At that time, Puerto Vallarta was still a smallish, sleepy city with few hotels and minimal night life. Puerto Vallarta became internationally famous after American director John Huston filmed his 1963 film The Night […]

Seafood Pizza & Salsa Mexicana

> > > > I just  loved this pizza my friend Leo and I had last night. According to Leo, the best pizza he ever had. (Unfortunately, he is not exactly a food expert, so the verdict is still out 🙂 ) Pizza Dough Recipe Here Toppings : Mascarpone cheese, squid, crab meat, scallions, chili flakes, […]

Capon Tacos

: : : I believe, nowadays most everybody is familiar with chicken tacos. These here beauties are essentially the same, except that the chicken has been replaced with the much more succulent and tasty capon. : What Is a Capon ? . Excerpt of an article by Danilo Alfaro on “thespruceEats” . “A capon is […]

German “Burrito”

: : : Burritos are a traditional food of Ciudad Juárez, a city bordering El Paso, Texas, in the northern Mexican state of Chihuahua, where people buy them at restaurants and roadside stands. Northern Mexican border towns like Villa Ahumada have an established reputation for serving burritos. Authentic Mexican burritos are usually small and thin, with flour tortillas containing only one or two of several ingredients: either some […]

Breakfast Of Champions # 69 – “Tortilla With Chorizo”

> > > Today was a very special day for me and there was a possibility that the day would not end as I had planned for the past year and a half. Because of that and the resulting tension, I was not able to sleep last night and the night before, so by the […]

Toasted Focaccia Sandwich With Veal & Pickled Onions

. . When I have leftovers (meat, seafood, pasta, rice, veggies) in the fridge, rather than just reheat it the next day and have the same dish again, I prefer to create a new, different dish with it. Therefore, the  braised veal breast  from the other day became today’s spectacular, highly satisfying “Toasted Focaccia Sandwich With […]