Salad “Quintana Roo” – Octopus In Salsa Verde, Iceberg, Grape Tomatoes, Red Onion & Watermelon

: : : While being Area Executive Chef for Starwood in Quintana Roo Aeons ago, I’d put this salad on the menu at the pool areas of some of our hotels, and it quickly became a great hit. While at first, the combination might seem strange, it actually works great together in the heat, together […]

Cantaloupe Melon & Barceló Añejo Rum Smoothie

> > I was  able to enjoy most of this before the rain hit and I had to move inside. Now it’s fiesta time 🙂 > Ingredients : Cantaloupe melon, vanilla yoghurt, ice, milk, barceló añejo rum (the more the merrier 🙂 Cheers ! > > > > > > >  

” Merlot & Watermelon Spritzer “

. . I have been drinking spritzer for many years. I like it’s taste and ability to refresh in the summer heat, without packing a big punch. Today I was going to make a regular red wine spritzer when i saw the watermelon in the fridge. Fruit and wine in a drink has never hurt, […]

” Watermelon & Mango Smoothie “

. . Plenty of watermelon &  mango smoothie, Bella and I enjoying a breezy afternoon in the garden. . Life is Good !    🙂 . . . . . . 1 qt       coarsely chopped watermelon 1 qt       coarsely chopped mango 1 cup    yoghurt 2 cup   whole l milk […]

Food Glossary & Classic French Garnishes

> > > > 1) English/French Food Glossary 2) Classic French Garnishes / Descriptions —————————————————————— 1 English/French Food Glossary > ? A À emporter (adj) to go (as opposed to sur place, for here). À l’ancienne old-fashioned, as in une baguette à l’ancienne. À point (adj) medium rare. Abats (m. pl.) offal. Abricot (m) apricot. Addition (f) check/bill. Agneau (m) lamb. Agrume (m) citrus. Aiguillette (f) in a bird (mostly […]

EASY DOES IT # 18 – Fried Eggs Sunny Side Up & Fries (NOT)

> > Just  a little nonsense to entertain your kid’s on a rainy day : Fried eggs sunny side up & fries – yogurt, peaches and cantaloupe melon. Have fun 🙂 > Bon Appetit !   Life is Good ! (Sunny side up – even when it rains…….. > > > > > > > […]

Iced Tomato Soup With Vodka And Tropical Fruit

“ “ The  day before yesterday I started to make a tomato bisque for dinner but had to abandon the plan when unanounced visitors arrived. So I put the tomato stock  overnight in the fridge to finish the bisque yesterday after work. However, it was a rough day at work and whenI came home I wanted […]

“Green Goddess” – A Healthy Dinner ?

, , After  all, cantaloupe and yoghurt is good for you and makes for a light, healthy meal 🙂 This is all I needed to finish up this day. It’s a gorgeous evening, light breeze, no humidity and the temperature just right.”Kashmir” playing on the radio while I am having this drink. Life is Good ! […]