Chicken Soup With Root Vegetables And Matzo Balls

> > Last  night’s dinner was perfect for the crappy weather and I hope it helped me to defend myself from what feels like an oncoming nasty influenza. And besides, matzo ball soup – anytime for me 🙂 > Bon Appetit !   Life is Good ! > Click here for Matzo Ball recipe > > […]

Balls Galore

> > “Chicken Soup With Matzo Balls And Chicken Dumplings”  > If  you love balls (pun intended?), this soup will make you happy. In my own opinion, these chicken balls (ok then, dumplings ! 🙂 ) and these Matzo Ba… Dumplings 🙂  are some of the best dumplings  you can find . I have previously published […]

Chicken, Matzo Ball And Vegetables Soup – Recipe # 3731

> > Another  chicken soup post you say? – well, why not I say – there can never be enough of that beacon of traditional comfort food 🙂 On a rainy day; on a sunny day; on a sad day; on a happy day: Chicken soup, when prepared with love, will make you feel better, […]

Jerk Chicken-Stuffed Matzo Ball Soup

> > My  love for matzo ball (Knaidlach) soup should surprise no one at this point, since I have posted quite a few different post’s with this marvel of traditional comfort food at Chefsopinion. As for  Jerk Chicken – WHO doesn’t love that ??! Now, I have to confess that the chicken I used here […]

Matzoball & Corned Beef Soup

> > Today’s  lunch pay’s homage to the fact that tomorrow is St Paddy’s day and to the fact that corned beef is not really Irish in origin but has its roots in the Jewish community 🙂 (Before you scream at me, you might want to read the article below) Is Corned Beef Really Irish? The […]

” Veal Broth With Matzoh Ball’s & Veal Rib’s “

. . For many year’s I buy most of my beef, morcilla and chorizo from an Argentinian butcher in Hialeah who sometimes calls me for “specials”. Usually those are offal and other cuts he has difficulty selling to his American customers, but which he knows I treasure. His older Latino and Haitian customers are also […]