Salad Of Cracked Pepper -Dusted Chicken Liver Nuggets, Shredded Parmigiano Reggiano, Romaine, Mild Chillies And Red Onions

> > > The success of this dish hinges entirely on the proper preparation of the liver nuggets. They must be crisp on the outside, medium-rare to medium (depending on your preference) on the inside and spicy but not mouthburningly so. Seem’s easy enough, as long as you know how to handle VERY HOT fat. […]

Chicken Liver Congee

< “ Usually,  I have  congee  for breakfast, but today I just wanted a big bowl of this culinary marvel for lunch. It is one of the most satisfying dishes out there, as long as it is properly seasoned and has the ingredients you long for at the moment. As far as congee goes – […]

Sauteed Veal Liver “Hawaii”

> > Here  is how old I am: When I got to name a new dish and it has pineapple in it, the first thing that comes to mind is “ala Hawaii”, just like in the good old day’s when everything was more simple and less complicated. What can I say, old habits die hard […]

” Sauteed Chicken Liver’s On Romaine Lettuce ”

. . Tonight’s dinner, as dinner should be: Light, tasty. fresh, “offal laden”        🙂 Enjoyed it tremendously. Life is Good ! . .  . . 

Braised Beef Neck In Merlot/Mushroom Sauce With Bread Dumpling (Geschmorter Rindernacken In Merlot/Champignon-Soße Und Semmelknödel)

> > > The texture of beef neck is absolutely stunning. I wish I’d be able to buy just a slab of the meat, without the bones. That would make the perfect goulash or braised roast. In the meantime, I’ll just have to make do with the neck bones and the meat on them. They […]

Shrimp & Spinach

> > > Not too long ago, one esteemed member of our happy ChefsOpinion family mentioned that I prepare shrimp too often. While I understand that not everyone loves shrimp as much as I do (many folks do, though), 99.9 % of my posts show what Bella and I actually prepare and eat at home […]

Salade De Gésiers (Romaine and Red Onions In Tarragon Vinaigrette, With Chili Gizzards & Honey Garlic Yogurt)

> > > As loyal readers of ChefsOpinion, by now you know of my love of innards and lesser cuts of animals – feet, heart, necks, liver, tails, kidneys, tripe, marrow, tongue,etc. I fully understand that not everybody is a fan, but on the other hand, many people are. Today’s featured salad contains chicken gizzards, […]

Sautéed Salmon With Arugula, Strawberries & Walnuts In Raspberry Vinaigrette

> > > Once in a while, my neighborhood fishmonger receives an overnight delivery of fresh-caught, never frozen salmon. He usually leaves me an e-mail message the same morning, so by noon I’ll have salmon in my kitchen which happily swam in the ocean or stream just one or maybe a couple of days before that. Ahhh, the […]

Enjoy A Super-Delicious Dish For $ 1.00 !

> No, this was not at a hawker cart in Singapore, nor was it on the side of the road in Manila, it was not in the bush in Zanzibar and certainly not on the beach in Goa. This was in Miami, at “Chez Bella”. All the ingredients for 4 portions came to about $ […]

Convenient Food (Pansit/Pancit)

  > > Having visited the  Philippines  in the mid-to late 70’s often, and then lived and worked there for 4 years during the early 80’s, my eating habits have been strongly influenced by its wonderful food, especially the appreciation of fresh, well-seasoned vegetables and a myriad of exotic fruit. While there are too many favorite dishes to mention, […]