Dak Bulgogi (Korean Grilled Chicken)

> > > > A few day’s ago a friend an I went to our favorite korean BBQ restaurant Kabose in Ft Lauderdale. Maria and I used to frequent this place quite often, especially when we had guests from overseas for whom the grilling at the table was usually a new and well-loved experience. This time […]

Korean Inspired Beef Stew (Galbijjim) (kalbitɕ͈im)

> > This  stew is very similar to a traditional Korean Galbijjim (kalbitɕ͈im), except that I have omitted some of the typical additions such as  jujube, ginkgo nuts, carrots, pine nuts, chestnuts, shiitake, and seogi mushrooms. This version is a simple home-version of the Galbijjim, unlike the more elaborate version you would get in a restaurant or even […]

Japanese Pork, Korean Rice Cakes And French Beans (Teriyaki Feast)

> > While  the ingredients for this dish (and the cooking methods) are not exactly a traditional combination, for my personal palette they compliment each other perfectly. They are typical for the dishes I prepare for myself at home. On the other hand, would I still cater to guests at a restaurant or at home, […]

Gochujang Blade Steaks With Musaengchae (Spicy Korean Radish Salad)

> > While  I prepare blade steaks often, musaengchae is not so common on my dinner table, simply because I usually don’t find Korean radish on my regular shopping-runs, so when I do find them, musaengchae it is. You could substitute the Korean radish with daikon, but for this particular dish, daikon will be inferior and should […]

Dwaeji Bulgogi & Tteokbokki (Korean Spicy Marinated Pork & Spicy Korean Rice Cake Stew)

> > I often  wonder why there are not more Korean restaurants around here, given the wide variety of Korean foods which should appeal to most westerners, especially the grilled dishes such as Galbi, Bulgogi and Dak Galbi. Also much liked by me are a number of pasta dishes, most of all Chap Chae, Bibim-naengmyeon and of course Tteokbokki, […]

Korean Dinner – Bulgogi, Gamjajorim, Kimchee & Sukju Namul

“ “ Tonight  (Tuesday) my fridge and cupboard were nearly empty and the best thing I had at hand was a great looking rib eye steak. I did not feel like having  just a plain old steak from the grill, so when I saw the mung bean sprouts and the cooked potatoes, first some Asian, […]

” Ojinguh Bokkeum ” Korean Style Stir Fried Squid

> > Traditionally  in Korea , one uses much larger squid and scores the surface in a criss cross pattern. I personally prefer the smaller squid I used here today, the texture is so much different and, dare I say, better.  It is  a simple stir fry preparation.  Please make sure your pan is very hot […]

Pork Congee – (猪肉粥) – (Pork Porridge)

: . : : Click here for more  Pork  on  ChefsOpinion : Click here for more  Pig  on  ChefsOpinion : Click here for more  Congee  on  ChefsOpinion : : P.S. There is an extensive article about congee from around the world below the following pictures : : Bon Appétit !   Life is Good ! : […]

Seafood Fried Rice

> > > > > > Excerpt from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: “Fried rice is a dish of cooked rice that has been stir-fried in a wok or a frying pan and is usually mixed with other ingredients such as eggs, vegetables, seafood, or meat. It is often eaten by itself or as an accompaniment to another dish. Fried rice is a popular component of East, Southeast and certain South Asian […]

Schnitzel vom Schweinerücken „Zigeuner Art“

> >> > One of my first childhood memories involving food is about Schnitzel. When visiting a restaurant with my parents in my earliest years, more often than not at least one person of the family/group at the table ordered a schnitzel, sometimes everybody. There was a wide variety of schnitzel available, even in the most […]