Chicken Döner Kebab

> > One of the first Exotic” dishes that had established itself in Germany after the mass-migration of millions of “Gastarbeiter” (Guest-Workers) from Italy, Turkey, Greece, and Yugoslavia in the 60’s, was the Turkish “Döner” (Doner Kebab). It was unlike any other dish we had seen before, a huge spear of layered meat and fat, slowly […]

Beef Kebab With Rainbow Puree

> > I was  thinking of preparing beef kebab and mashed potatoes – which I did, but the name “mashed potatoes” will not do justice to this tasty and colorful potato dish. So therefore,  “Rainbow Puree” was born 🙂 The addition of the sautéed peppers, sun-dried tomatoes and freshly grated horseradish and lot’s of garlic paste […]

Adana Kebab (Kıyma Kebabı) (Turkish Lamb Skewer)

> > In  the early seventies I was lucky enough to be visiting Turkey many times ( Istanbul,  Kusadasi  and  Izmir  among other places). At that time, Turkey  still had an oriental mystique to it which was incredibly fascinating and exiting to a young man like me. The sights, smells and noises were so much different […]

” Nieren Spiesschen” (Shish Kebab)

. . Now  that the sliced kidney’s have soaked long enough in milk and have been marinated ample time, I finally got to eat the first of my long awaited kidney dishes. So, tonight I had sauteed kidney skewer’s with tomato / cucumber salad and creamy horseradish. I…   Just … Loved…    It…      🙂 […]

” I was In Need Of A Heart And A Kidney “

. . Luckily, my Argentinian butcher was able to help me out   🙂 Every so often when I talk to some of my friend’s, special dishes pop up during the conversation. Usually, we talk about stuff that is not alway’s available or has fallen out of fashion with the ” in crowd “. Such […]