Jamaican Black Bean Soup With Smoked Ham Hocks And Spinners

‘ ‘ Here  is another hearty recipe of wonderful comfort food. Many folks are familiar with Jamaican dumplings and some have become addicted to them like I have.  Although in their most basic form they are made of  just flour, water and salt, as part of a soup or stew they can be mind-boggling great because of their […]

Jamaican Black Bean Soup & Flour Dumpling’s ( A “Light” Saturday Lunch )

“ “ When  I encountered  Jamaican  dumplings   for the first time in the early seventies,  I would never have imagined that I will ever like them, having been raised with southern german-style dumplings, which are very light and airy (if done correctly). So when I saw these tough little dumplings, (resembling in shape Schwaebische Bubespitzle), I […]

Beef Medallions, Gnocchi And Truffled Eggs

> > Gnocchi,  in a slightly different shape as the Italian version, are very popular in Germany, especially in the south – namely, in  Baden-Württemberg and Bayern. Our “Gnocchi” consist of the same basic ingredients, potatoes, flour and egg, but they are slightly different in shape -more elongated than the Italian version. We prepare them savory or […]