Flatbread With Pickled Red Beets, Guacamole And Egg

: : : All the ingredients for this delicious, beautiful sandwich were leftovers I had in the fridge from the previous two days, so the composition was a result of what my fridge dictated, not what I intelligently and artfully created. 🙂 However,  looking at the result and eating it, I have to admit that […]

Breaded Chicken Sandwich With Guacamole, Sweet Chili Relish & Fried Egg, accompanied by Hummus and Small Salad

> > > Usually, I have a variation of breaded or grilled chicken sandwich at least once a week, always accompanied by some easily prepared salad. As for the chili relish and hummus, I usually make them fresh at home, but I also sometimes use store-bought items. Nowadays, many grocery stores have such great quality […]

Mexican Treasures – Guacamole, Escabeche De Cebolla, Salsa Mexicana

> > For  me, these three condiments are not to be missed to accompany any Mexican-style meal I prepare at home. In my opinion, they also fit very well with a wide range of dishes of non-Mexican cuisine from around the world. They pair nicely with steaks, schnitzel, sandwiches, salads, meat, seafood, vegetables, eggs, etc. In fact, I usually have at […]

BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS # 46 – Huevos revueltos y guacamole con queso blanco ( Scrambled eggs, Guacamole, fresh cheese)

> > Today’s  breakfast would most certainly not qualify for my new  ” Hans’ Lighter Comfort Food “  type of food, at least not the portion size. But we are still in 2014, so I am hell-bound to enjoy the last few days of eating large portions of everything tasty 🙂 Nothing wrong with this dish […]

Sauted Shirloin Steak, Guacamole, Scotch Bonnet & Garlic Compound Butter

. . A good bread to soak up the juices from a nice cut of meat. Sadly, an old practice which seemingly got lost some time ago, maybe even never experienced by folk’s who don’t deem it to be fancy enough for their (sophisticated ?) eating habits 😦 . . . Guacamole Recipe : CLICK HERE Scotch Bonnet & Garlic […]

Guacamole, Salame & Pita

. . Yesterday  after work I did not feel like cooking, so I made do with a little snack and a bit of merlot in the back by the lake. Life could be a lot worse  🙂 > . . Ingredients : Mini pita breads, Salame,  finely diced Olive oil,  to saute Avocado,  diced Chilis,  finely diced […]

” Healthy Mac & Cheese and Guacamole “

. . “Healthy”  mac & cheese ?  Why not, it’s got veggies  🙂 Well, there you have it. It all depends on how you look at things. But honestly, what’s wrong with a good meal of pasta, cheese, cream and vegetables ? Nothing ! Just don’t do what I did : Eating too much of […]

” Whole Sauteed Fish & Guacamole “

. . Last nights great dinner : Whole sauteed fish & guacamole Freshly caught fish, seasoned with salt, pepper and lime juice, lightly dusted with a mix of AP flour and corn starch, slowly sauteed in olive oil, some onions and garlic added towards the end. I had some grape tomatoes laying around, so in […]

Tostadas With Shrimp, Black Bean Salsa & Avocado

: : : Just my kind of “Junk Food” After all, ready-made tostadas from a pack ??? !!!!  Beans from a can ??? !!!! How low can I sink…..  ??? !!!!  😦   🙂 : Bon Appétit !   Life is Good ! : : Cick here for more  Tostadas  on  ChefsOpinion : Cick here for more  […]