German Veal-Burger with Garlic/Herb Butter, Gnocchi, Peppers & Onions

: : : I have made dozens, maybe even hundreds, of honest attempts to love the American Burger – unfortunately, most of the time, my honest attempts have failed miserably. 😦 This includes restaurants of all price points, even when, because of its simple nature, most burgers are consumed in simple joints. (I don´t want […]

Snails And Gnocchi In White Wine, Pernod & Mustard Cream

> > > Snails and Gnocchi, what a wonderful combination. Add Pernod Ricard, wine, and whole grain mustard, and you have a heavenly dish that is super easy to prepare, looks like a million and tastes like 2 million 🙂 I have created this dish decades ago, and have served it in many restaurants around the […]

Gnocchi With Creamed Leeks And Grape Tomatoes

> > I always  wondered why leeks are such an underrated vegetable ? Leeks look good, taste good, are healthy, available year-round and very cheap economical 🙂 When I was a kid, braised leeks were a common side dish on most restaurant menus. I have NOT seen leeks on any menu for years 😦 So […]

Gnocchi With Broccolini And Mushrooms

> > Here  is another simple, hearty and delicious dish that I prepare often, since gnocchi and broccolini are some of my favorite ingredients to a happy meal. Add cheese, mushrooms, butter and pangrattato and you’ll end up with the dish pictured here 🙂 However, if you are not a fan of any of these ingredients – […]

Gnocchi, Brussels Sprouts And Grape Tomatoes “Almondine”

> > Gnocchi? Check! Almonds? Check! Brown Butter? Check! Grape Tomatoes? Check! Brussels Sprouts? Check! Parmigiano Reggiano? Check! > Wonderful, Beautiful , Tasty Dish? Check! Check! Check! > Bon Appétit !   Life is Good ! > > Click here for  more  Gnocchi  on  ChefsOpinion > > Gnocchi Recipe: > Ingredients: 1 lb Russet potatoes,   cooked, peeled, mashed A/P flour,   […]

Beef Medallions, Gnocchi And Truffled Eggs

> > Gnocchi,  in a slightly different shape as the Italian version, are very popular in Germany, especially in the south – namely, in  Baden-Württemberg and Bayern. Our “Gnocchi” consist of the same basic ingredients, potatoes, flour and egg, but they are slightly different in shape -more elongated than the Italian version. We prepare them savory or […]

Gnocchi Alla Via Candia

> > Gnocchi  with corn, peas, ham, mushrooms, cream and Camoscio d’Oro. (Camoscio d’Oro is an Italian cheese similar to camembert or brie, sometimes available in Italian markets around here ). So, can you guess where I ate this dish the first time?  Yep, at  Via Candia 17, Torino, Italy. I was about 20 years of […]

Gnocchi Gorgonzola Gratinati

> Dear Friends, If you enjoy my posts, I would like you all to be so kind and help me spread the word –  please re-post some of my post’s on your FB timeline. And if you feel especially nice today, forward this link: to your e-mail contacts and ask all your friends who enjoy good, […]

Hans’ Gnocchi & Strip

> > This  dish has everything I love: Steak, gnocchi, mushrooms, bok choy, wasabi and a few more other goodies, seasoned with lots of garlic paste and sriracha and – voilà, great comfort food prepared in a snap (I did have leftover gnocchi I had made the day before). Bon Appetit !   Life is Good […]

Gnocchi, Prosciutto, Asparagus & Parmigiano Reggiano

> > “Pretty”  is not usually the first thing that comes to my mind as far as food is concerned. But looking at this dish, the thoughts were first : Pretty ! Then : Let’s eat right NOW ! Usually we saute the prosciutto lightly but in this case, it was so thinly sliced and […]